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Desk booking for a better workplace

Empower workforce to book their own desk, equipments and parking. Transform your office to a flexible one with Comeen Workplace.
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How it works
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Book your desk anytime and anywhere

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See your location on a floor plan at the office

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Confirm your booking from a notification or QR Code

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Desk booking solution

Booking the right place to come to the office

Book your own space to collaborate with your teammates on site when you choose to come.
Book a desk from a floor plan, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, or a simple chat
Reserve a desk on-the-go when you arrive on site with a QR code
Check-in to confirm your desk or release it for others to use
Desk booking
"We got rid of spreadsheets and focus on things that matter more. Our Workplace & Community Team manages easily space bookings based on internal events and our employees manage their own desk bookings daily with Comeen"
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Office floor plan
Work together

Get exactly what you need when coming to the office

If you're only coming a few days a week, you might as well have the exact equipment you need.
See where your teammates are seated and choose a desk next to them
Reserve a desk with all your favorites criterias: next to a window, with a double screen
Let Comeen Workplace pick automatically your desk based on your reccurence and favorite location
Improve your workplace

Go beyond with your desk

Drive to work stress-free if you've already booked your parking slot and others office extras.
Book a parking slot
Make parking easy and employees happy, allow direct parking space booking at the same time as office reservation.
Add office extras ‚ú®
Bring your dog to work kind of day, add your locker if you need to bring stuff from home or work out during your break.
Office extras
Team planning
Manager side

Let your manager pick your desk for you

Your manager can directly book the office of the people in his team from his dashboard. Thanks to a floor plan, he can reserve adjacent desks for collaboration days ūüóļÔłŹ
Admin side

Manage your company, spaces and ressources

Desk synchronization

Synchronize your office in minutes

Sync all your building information, import desk lists, create floor plans and add available equipments.

Use your space efficiently

Understand, identify and analyze trends of your office with desk and equipment usage, improve accordingly.
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Google Workspace

Import buildings, book from Google Calendar, get notified on Google Chat.
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Microsoft 365

Import buildings, book in Microsoft Teams, get notified on Microsoft Teams.
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Get instant notifications, update workweek planning, find your desk.
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Workplace by Meta

Get instant notifications, update workweek planning, find your desk.
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How Nubank schedule a presence in the office with their very special hybrid office model?
Hot desk booking

Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one hybrid workspace

How does Auchan manage the presence of employees in a building designed for 1,5 times fewer people?

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