The ultimate checklist to engage frontline workers with digital signage

Enhance your meeting room

Simplify meeting room booking and make your space work for your team. Improve your productivity and gain up to 10 minutes of finding a meeting room.

Simplify and improve the use of your meeting rooms

The new normal today is the hybrid office. It's the combination of working at home and working in the office. If your team is hybrid, people from the same team can be remote or on site at the same time.

When they are in the office, they need a meeting room even more than before, to get together. Meeting room booking can be tense so it is necessary that it is used in the best way.

However, the majority of companies try to fight against one main issue. What is it? Ghost booking. When someone books a meeting room and it turns out that he is not there.

So how do you make the most of your meeting rooms?


Of companies have not made any significant changes to their workplaces to adapt it to this new way of working


Of respondents revealed that there are no restrictions on coming and going to the office at this time


Of employees said they missed meeting their teams face-to-face when asked about why they like going to the office

How to fight against ghost meetings?

Not everyone thinks to cancel their meeting room when they no longer need it

For optimal use of your meeting rooms, Comeen Workplace helps you manage your space. Free up unused meeting rooms to allow everyone to have the space they need to work in the best possible conditions.

In one click

Comeen Workplace sent you a notification that allows you to free your meeting room in 1 click (on Google Chat app, Microsoft Teams or Slack).

Automatic release

And if no one registers in the meeting room for the meeting, the meeting room is automatically released. So others can enjoy it too.

An optimized occupancy

This leaves the meeting room for others to book and ensures that the room is used as much as possible.

Companies free up to 35% of their meeting rooms after deploying Comeen Workplace

Studies conducted on 10 companies with more than 400 employees that have just installed Comeen Workplace.

Make meeting room booking even simpler

You can use your calendar but not only, Comeen Workplace allows you to do it in other ways

Book a meeting room directly from a screen in front of the room, or by scanning a QR Code. In a few seconds and at the right time, you have access to your space to work.

When your meeting room is not used...

It's a real internal communication tool!

Instead of having a black screen when the room is not occupied, use your Google Meet Hardware to display content with digital signage.
In one click, display your content on your screens and improve your internal communication.

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Employees gain 10 minutes per day by no longer looking for a meeting room

Studies conducted on 10 companies with more than 400 employees that have just installed Comeen Workplace.

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