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Difference hot desking VS desk booking

Explore the difference between hot desking and desk booking in 2024 workplaces, and discover how your company can do both.
Published on
March 14, 2024

It's been more than 4 years since the start of the pandemic.

68% of global companies have adopted flexible workplace policies, highlighting a shift towards more adaptive and efficient office management strategies (recent study by the Global Workspace Association).

Among these, hot desking and desk booking have stand out as the best 2 prominent approaches. While seemingly similar, they offer distinctly different benefits and can significantly influence the dynamics and efficiency of 2024 modern workplaces.

Hot desking: flexibility & collaboration

Hot desking is an agile workspace arrangement where employees have no designated desk. They can choose any available spot — be it a shared desk, a conference room table, or a coworking space. This method is more than just a space-saving tactic; it's a catalyst for flexibility and collaboration.

A survey by the International Facility Management Association found that about 70% of U.S. offices have some form of open office plan, with hot desking becoming increasingly prevalent in these settings. Additionally, a study by Deskmag revealed that employees working in flexible spaces report a 68% increase in productivity and a 90% boost in satisfaction.

Desk booking: planned & resource-Efficient

Conversely, desk booking involves booking a specific desk or workstation for a set period. Employees might book a desk for a day or schedule a workspace for weeks. This system is particularly beneficial for companies requiring consistent access to particular resources or workspaces.

Why choose one and you can have both?

The main differences between Desk booking and Hot desking are:

  • Flexibility: Hot desking offers unmatched flexibility, accommodating diverse schedules and work locations.
  • Collaboration: It fosters cross-functional collaboration and community-building by rotating employees through different workspaces.
  • Resource allocation: Desk booking ensures efficient use of limited space and specialized equipment, catering to specific employee needs.

All-in-one solution: Comeen the Workplace Experience Platform

At Comeen we transform workplace management by integrating effortlessly with popular tools such as Slack, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Teams. This integration enables your employees to intuitively manage their workspace and work schedule within the platforms they use daily.

  • Desk booking with Comeen: Directly on their favorite platform, employees can easily book desks right from their familiar interfaces, ensuring they have the necessary resources and workspace for their projects.
  • Flexible work arrangement: Comeen goes beyond simple desk booking. Employees can plan their entire workweek, choosing their status as working in the office, remotely, at another location for events or meetings, or even when they are out of office (OOO). This feature fosters a transparent and flexible work environment, allowing team members to coordinate and plan their interactions more effectively.

Comeen offers the biggest picture than just workplace management. Beyond desk and hot desk management, we include tools for meeting room bookings and tracking employee attendance.

Our comprehensive suite of features is accessible through a single, user-friendly platform, making workplace management smoother and more integrated for you.

Both hot desking and desk booking offer unique benefits.

The choice depends on your company's specific needs and goals.

With Comeen's all-in-one platform, managing these strategies becomes more efficient, helping your company to have a better workplace, better engagement and maximize your workspace to foster a productive, collaborative environment.

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