Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one hybrid workspace

Manage employees attendance

Foster collaboration between colleagues and make it easy to plan in-office time with Comeen Workplace.
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Motivating teams to come back

Bring your team back together at the office

Encourage collaboration on certain days by using the features at your disposal to bring your teams together.
Get an overview of your week team's planning so you can come in on the right days
Your company can create "announcements" and alert you to special events during the week
Team status is automatically updated across all your tools. See what your colleagues are up to!
Team planning
"We wanted to make it easy for our employees to book spaces without having to download a new app. We needed a solution that was already integrated with our existing tools. For the end user, Comeen's hybrid office tool is a great option."
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Employee side

Choose your working location in 2 clicks

Your working location is updated across all your tools. We'll let your team knows in their usual tools.
Status update
Managers booking
Manager side

Simplify teamwork with straightforward processes

Managers can create days for their teams when they come into the office. This creates a presence.
Admin side

Get a better view of your entire workplace

Receive team statistics. How many days people come to the office on average, who is present at the moment.
Analytics dashboard
Coming soon

Go beyond with your office

Allow Comeen Workplace to go even further with suggestions for your office space and presence with artificial intelligence (AI). Make your life easier.
Smart notifications
Receive notifications with suggested days to come to the office according to your favorite colleagues.
Predictive attendance
You'll be able to predict how many people will be in the office in 15 days' time, for example.
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A transparent attendance tool that fits into your daily routine

Update your working location and attendance with the tool you use most.
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Google Calendar

See teammates attendance status, update workweek planning.
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Receive check-in notifications and update status.
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Microsoft Teams

See teammates attendance status, update workweek planning.
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Workplace by Meta

Receive check-in notifications and update status.
Office space management

TIER manages the hybrid office for 1400 employees accross Europe

How TIER implement the hybrid office to empower employees to declare their own attendance?
Desk booking management

U Enseigne creates a flex-office building for all its employees

How did U Enseigne manage to set up a desk booking system for their new building?
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