Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one hybrid workspace

Manage your office visitors

Greet visitors with a modern image and increase the security of your building with Comeen Workplace.
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How it works
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Pre-register your visitor on your calendar

Visitor pre-registration
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Your visitor's entrance and arrival are customized 👋

Visitor instructions
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You're automatically notified to welcome them

Host notification
Pre-registration of visitors
Visitor management system

Pre-register your visitors and streamline processes

Use Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to register guests and send them important informations.
Simply click on the event and choose guests
Send customized welcome and instructions email
Get notified when your guest is at building's entrance
"We got rid of spreadsheets and focus on things that matter more. Our Workplace & Community Team manages easily space bookings based on internal events and our employees manage their own desk bookings daily with Comeen"
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Contactless check-in and out

Create a great first impression of your company

Enhance your company's image with an amazing entrance.
Contactless front desk check-in for guests
Notifications for guests arrival and security checks
Live badge printing with QR code
Admin side

Manage your company, spaces and ressources

Visitor record book

Safety for everyone

Your company has a digital visitor record book with every important informations.
Building security check

Improve your building security

The receptionist team know in real time how many people and visitors are in the building.

A transparent visitor tool that fits into your daily routine

Streamline visitor management directly from your usual tools.
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Google Calendar

Pre-register visitor, send emails, get notified in Google Chat
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Receive guests arrival notifications with informations
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Microsoft Outlook

Pre-register visitor, send and receive emails
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Microsoft Outlook

Receive guests arrival notifications with informations
Attendance management

Nubank manage the hybrid schedule of 8200 employees in LATAM

How Nubank schedule a presence in the office with their very special hybrid office model?
Hot desk booking

Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one workspace

How Auchan manage the presence of employees in a building designed for 3 times fewer people?
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