Engage your frontline workers

Empower your communication to deliver instant information on screens to all employees, regardless of their location, computer access, or email address.

Keep every worker on the same level of information

You can't communicate the same way with every collaborators, frontline workers are the ones not connected to the rest of your company because they're the ones spending the less time in the office — and don't have the same access to office phone or computer.

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Of frontline employees feel disconnected from company strategy and objectives


Only 13% of non-managerial employees inside companies are feeling well-informed


Of frontline workers leave their jobs due to a lack of communication from management

Frontline workers may feel poor communication in their workplace

Frontline workers may feel disconnected from their colleagues and managers due to poor communication, which can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes

Give meaning to the work of your employees by broadcasting key informations

Connect your intranet to Comeen Play — Broadcast instantly your latest news on signage screens — Target specific content to specific audience.

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74% of frontline workers don't receive regular updates from management

According to a study conducted by The Frontline Employee Experience Report - Tribe

Frontline workers may work in unsafe environment conditions

Frontline workers may be exposed to hazardous or potentially dangerous working conditions, such as working with hazardous materials or in extreme weather conditions

Improve your on-site security with digital signage screens installed in plants

Broadcast security rules -- Display real time KPIs -- Distribute accident tables where it's useful

The outreach of digital signage with Comeen Play is better that any other type of communication that we have.
Any employees, even if they're not in front of a computer or don't have an email address, are reach inside Sanmina around the world.

Mario Zúñiga
IT Director @Sanmina

Frontline workers may lack specific and adequate training

Frontline workers may not receive sufficient training or support to perform their jobs effectively and safely, which can lead to accidents and mistakes

Help your employees do their job more easily by broadcasting importants info

Give access to training assets in a click — Training videos from Youtube, PDF files, websites.

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80% of frontline workers don't even have access to a company email address

According to a study conducted by The future of the deskless force - Social Chorus

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