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Meeting room management for your office

Reserve meeting rooms, make on-the-fly bookings, preview occupancy and manage automatic release with Comeen Workplace.
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Intelligent release

Intelligent release of meeting rooms

Automatic release
If the meeting organizer does not confirm the meeting, the room is automatically released.
Freeing up unused space
After the end of the meeting, the room can be released for others to use.
Management of ghosts recurring events
If the meeting room is not checked-in X times in a row, it's automatically removed from the reccuring event.
"We got rid of spreadsheets and focus on things that matter more. Our Workplace & Community Team manages easily space bookings based on internal events and our employees manage their own desk bookings daily with Comeen"
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On-the-go meet

Give the possibility to book from the meeting room

From a QR Code
Scan the QR code in front of the room to see availability, book on-the-fly meeting.
From a display
Locate easily a meeting room, see its availability, reserve or release it from the screen.
Book room from screeniPhone QRCode
Admin side

Manage your company, spaces and ressources

Meeting rooms synchronization

One clic connection to meeting room

Import your Google/Microsoft meeting rooms to collaborate with teams. Automatically sync all the time.

Get live insights from your office space

Understand, identify and analyze trends of your office with meeting room usage, improve accordingly.

A meeting room management tool that fits into your daily routine

Manage your meeting rooms from your usual tools.
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Google Workspace

Import meeting rooms, receive notifications into Google Chat.
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Microsoft 365

Import your meeting rooms, receive notifications into Microsoft Teams.
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Get instant notifications, check-ins or release meeting rooms.
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Workplace by Meta

Get instant notifications, check-ins or release meeting rooms.
Office space management

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Meeting room management

Adeo optimize meeting room usage for it’s 5k employees in it’s HQ

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