Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one hybrid workspace

Canam uses digital signage for internal communication coast-to-coast

How Canadian manufacturer Canam went to real-time updates with digital signage

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Use case

Internal communication




Comeen Play

The company
Canam is a leading Canadian manufacturer across five countries and specializes in manufacturing steel products for buildings and infrastructure.

Comeen Play gives us the opportunity to give the right information to the right person at the right time, not a bunch of information and you have to find the right thing in it. It's a great communication tool for all messages from the company's management but also for things close to the employees on site like tickets to shows or food menus!

Brenda Paquet
Communications Coordinator
The challenge
How can Canam go from printed internal newspapers to real-time internal updates in offices and plants?

Office workers have easy access to an intranet but the plant workers lack technological resources

Canam wanted a more instantaneous solution to communicate the same way to all employees

The company has tested the digital signage and wants to extend it to all its locations

The result
Canam chose Comeen Play, the digital signage platform that integrates Google Workspace and their intranet, LumApps.

Easy multilingual management to avoid the manual duplication of communications from coast-to-coast

The company create content content once in LumApps and it's automatically broadcast in the right language in others locations

Canam create corporate content like national campaigns, but also targeted local com for each establishment

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