👀 Canam use Comeen's digital signage for internal communication coast-to-coast

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Meeting rooms synchronization

5 ways for employers to improve the daily life of employees

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Meeting rooms synchronization

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Introducing the future of digital signage: Comeen Play's updated UI platform‍‍

Discover Comeen Play's revolutionary new interface, crafted over 2 years of dedicated development. Experience how this upgrade transforms digital signage, enhancing user experience and enabling effortless creation of captivating displays.

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Canam went from printed internal newspaper to real-time updates with digital signage

How Canadian manufacturer Canam leveraged digital signage for multilingual internal communication coast-to-coast.

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Unlocking the future of hybrid workplaces with U Enseigne and Comeen

Discover the day-to-day operations at U Enseigne since Comeen has been implemented to manage the hybrid office in the 300+ employee company.

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