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How a visitor management software can improve the workplace experience

Discover how a visitor management software can boost your company's building security, enhance communication and give your company a great look.
Published on
March 21, 2024

The impact of first impressions for a company cannot be overstated, and a great visitor management is at the forefront of shaping these crucial moments.

A Forrester study reveals that companies prioritizing customer and visitor experience, including their first interactions, can experience a revenue boost of 4-8% above their market average.

This finding highlights the vital role of advanced visitor management solutions in ensuring a seamless and secure experience for both employees and visitors.

Streamline your 2024 visitor check-in experience

A good visitor management feature can revolutionize theyourtraditional check-in process. Gone are the days of cumbersome paper forms or queues.

With a visitor management tool, like the one that the Workplace Experience Platform Comeen offers, visitors can effortlessly check in using a state-of-the-art kiosk or their mobile devices.

This streamlined approach not only saves time but also significantly reduces any frustration, setting a positive tone right from the start of the visit.

How is it integrated in your daily work-life and calendar?

Some visitor management system can be integrated directly in your tool so you don't have to get a new platform and form your employees on how to use it.

Seamlessly integrated with daily calendars like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, Comeen allows meeting hosts to effortlessly invite visitors in one-click.

This integration ensures that all appointments are synchronized, and any changes are updated in real time. Upon the visitor’s arrival, instant notifications are sent to the host through their preferred platform, whether it's Google Chat, Slack, Workplace by Meta, or Microsoft Teams.

This feature ensures that hosts can promptly welcome their guests ūüĎč enhancing the visitor experience.

Better visitor management enhance your company's security

A visitor management software isn't just about convenience; it's also about security. Comeen provides a secure and traceable digital record of all visitors, enhancing the control over who accesses the building. This feature is crucial for managing sensitive areas and ensuring that only authorized individuals are present.

Additionally, Comeen enhances security & convenience with its QR code management system. Visitors can generate and print QR codes during check-in and upon leaving. These QR codes serve as an additional security measure, acting as digital badges that authorize access.

They also streamline the visitor's movement through various doors within the building, ensuring a smooth and secure visit ‚úÖ

Boosting efficiency and modernizing workspaces

By optimizing the check-in process and enhancing security & communication, Comeen's visitor management software elevates workplace efficiency and give a better image for the company.

This efficiency translates into tangible time and resource savings, contributing to the overall productivity of the company.

Since 2019, Comeen helps companies to get a more modern and professional image, aligning with the always bigger expectations of customers and partners.

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How a visitor management software can improve the workplace experience

Discover how a visitor management software can boost your company's building security, enhance communication and give your company a great look.

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