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Workplace VS Workspace? The difference finally explained

The terms "workplace" and "workspace" often weave seamlessly into conversations, leading to misconceptions about their true meaning.
Published on
December 5, 2023

Welcome to the dynamic world of work, where the terms "workplace" and "workspace" often weave seamlessly into conversations, leading to misconceptions about their true meaning.

At Comeen, we understand that the distinction between these two concepts is more than just semantics; it's the key to unlocking the best work experience for employees but also for their companies.

Defining the differences: place vs space

The definition of a workplace

Beyond the confines of a mere physical location, the workplace is the environment where work unfolds.

It's the stage upon which the professional narrative is written—a traditional building, a co-working space, a home office, or any setting where employees engage in their tasks. But it can also be a factory, a break room, a hallway and even the entrance.

→ For Charlotte, working at Comeen, her workplace is the building that she works in, her 9:00am monday meeting room, her open space but also the couch in the break room.

→ For Florian, working at Sanmina, his workplace is the factory that he's working in, his 10:00am breakfast room, and also the accident table, which he looks at every day in the corridor.

The definition of the workspace

Zooming in, the workspace is the specific area within the workplace where an individual's professional endeavors unfold.

It could be a desk, a cubicle, a private office—essentially, a designated zone tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the occupant.

→ For Benjamin, working at Mink, his workspace is his dedicated desk on the 2nd floor of his building's company, with his computer, his ergonomic chair and his precious pictures.

→ For Louise, working at Piment, her workspace is her office with her standing desk where she comes everyday with Simeo, her dog.

“The workplace is where you go to work; the workspace is where you do your work”

The workspace is part of the workplace

The workspace is more than a physical entity; it's an intrinsic part of the workplace. Embracing diverse ways of working acknowledges that individuals thrive in varied settings. Whether in a traditional office, a remote setup, or elsewhere, being open to different work styles fosters inclusivity and boosts productivity.

Moreover, this evolution in work dynamics doesn't mean sacrificing data insights. With digital tools like ours at Comeen, we can still gather valuable data on workspace utilization, employee attendance, meeting rooms usage and availability, and overall trends.

The workspace isn't confined to a desk; it's a dynamic element that, when understood and optimized, contributes to a more productive and inclusive work environment.

Elevating the Workplace Experience

As we delve into the differences of the workplace and workspace, it becomes evident that a comprehensive approach is essential for a thriving work environment.

At Comeen, we go beyond the conventional, offering a workplace experience platform that seamlessly integrates both elements. Our digital signage, desk booking, employee attendance, and meeting room management features help companies redefine their workplace experience.

We don't just focus on the workspace; we cultivate an environment where every facet of the workplace contributes to a more effective and productive journey at work. Nubank, Veolia, Imerys and many more have already tried it.

We create a seamless experience between people and workplaces — Welcome to the future of work with Comeen.

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