ūüĎÄ Canam use Comeen's digital signage for internal communication coast-to-coast


Unlock the potential of your workplace by creating flexible buildings to foster connection, productivity and collaboration.

Make it easy to come to the office

Going back to the office means many things. Companies need to make it easy for teams to come into the office, and engage them to make them want to come back. But they also need to optimize their spaces to make them even more efficient.
Not everyone wants to come back to the office at the same time; teams want flexibility and they want to get together.
‚ÄćSo how do you go about it?

How to build a flexible building without desk booking?

Let remote and on-site people meet!

To make your space even more flexible, you can use desk booking. In other words, each member of your team can reserve his or her own space before coming to work. This lets you know how many people come on certain days, and ensures that your office and floors aren't empty. It helps your company to create a connection between your teams by letting them choose their location when coming to the office so they can meet each other, work on projets, and collaborate.

Choose the hybrid workplace set-up that suits your need

You can shake your workplace in 2 ways

Hot desking with Comeen
Hot desking
You plan to work in the office, you can book a spot in a specific floor or area of your workplace but you do not have a place assigned precisely.‚Äć
She can sit wherever she wants when she arrives in the Marketing area
She may not have all the elements she needs for her project like a dual screen
Desk booking with Comeen
Desk booking
You plan to work in the office, you have to book a specific desk in the location of your choice, you can choose the floor and the section.
He can book a desk next to his favorite teammates from a floor plan
He can specify the equipment he needs to have the best desk assigned to him


60% of people focus on meeting and do collaborative work with colleagues while working on-site.
‚ÄćGallup Advantages Hybrid Work


61% of employees feel that their current workspace limits their ability to work effectively.


Companies can save up to 30% of real estate costs with a good hybrid work organization.
Future of hybrid work, Forbes

Optimizing your space also means optimizing your meeting rooms

Create better offices experiences!

One of the most striking trends of recent years is that meetings are no longer held in person, they've become hybrids. The use of meeting rooms has therefore become strained, and a company can no longer afford for a meeting room not to be used or to have ghosted meetings.
Meeting room management is the real-deal for flexible buildings and a good management is inevitable.

Meeting rooms
Workplace analytics

Don't guess how many people are there, just get the statistics

Real-time data to help you and your team!

You want to improve your workspace for everyone, so it's important to understand how it's used.
Track and see how many people are present in real time, the days when teams meet most, which meeting rooms are busiest and which are least busy, etc. Thanks to strategic insights, you can adapt the elements you make available to your teams to design spaces that are really used.

Set up your hybrid office ‚ú®

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