Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one hybrid workspace

Workplace communication

Leverage your employee communication and push it to strategic areas of your workplace, in offices or factories. Reach everyone in the same way with simple, targeted communication.

Keep everyone on the same loop of information

Digital signage is the only communication tool that is inclusive. You don't need anything to be informed - no computer, no phones, no work email- no matter who you are, where you are.

Integrations with digital signage

Use the content you already have in your company, and connect with everyone

Make your content visible on TV screens for everyone thanks to Comeen.
We're integrated with your intranet solutions LumApps, Simpplr, SharePoint, Yammer and your collaboration suite.
Create beautiful Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint and make your employee communication visible by every employee.


80% of frontline workers don't have access to a work email and feel they are not well-informed about company news and updates 😥
The State of Employee Engagement


74% of employees have the feeling they’re missing out on company news because of a bad internal communication 😮


85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. Only 15% of workforces actually engaged with their organisation 🤯
Gallup, State of the Global Workplace

The right message at the right time, at the office or elsewhere

From our digital signage platform, we help you make all this content available in strategic places in your company to be available to everyone the same way.


Go beyond to improve your workplace and employee daily-life

You'll fill the missing link between your communication and motivating your teams to come back to the office.
With our platform, you'll be also able to push this content and new informations directly to employees in the tool they use every day -- Slack, Google Chat or Microsoft Teams.

Improve your employees daily life 👋

Discover 5 ways on how you can help your employees so they do a better job for you.

Improve your workplace by reading on topics and hybrid trends

Digital signage, work/life balance, hybrid office, employee attendance...what else?

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