Imerys facilitates global internal communication across 5 countries

Discover how Imerys stay consistent across 20+ languages and 16k employees

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Paris, FR



Use case

Internal communication




Comeen Play

We found the right solution with Comeen Play, it’s our standard digital signage solution now at Imerys. It helps us communicate the same way to every employee even the desk-less which is the most important.

Christine Schmidt-Kluge
IT Digital Innovation Manager


Imerys wanted to get the same level of communication to everyone even the non-connected inside the company

With an easy and quick solution to look over all internal communication at a glance globally

To bring the same level of communication to deskless employees and non-connected employees like site workers (40% of Imerys employees deskless)

And to be able to share content on all operational sites and offices, in more than 20 different languages


Imerys manage to stay consistent across different cultures and languages in internal communication thanks to to Comeen Play

They broadcast internal and operational communication thanks to Google Workspace and LumApps integrations

Comeen Play gives Imerys a digital signage solution allowing communication to be controlled at 3 different levels

Everything is secure and managed easily thanks to the Comeen Play's integration with ChromeOS

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