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Nubank manage the hybrid schedule of 8200 employees in LATAM

Discover how Nubank uses Comeen Workplace to manage attendance and modernize the banking industry

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São Paulo, Brazil



Use case

Managing attendance




Comeen Workplace

We wanted to make it easy for our employees to book spaces without having to download a new app. We needed a solution that was already integrated with our existing tools, like Comeen Workplace. For the end user, this hybrid office tool is a great option.

Product Operations Lead


Nubank needed to find a format that would guarantee teams the ability to collaborate face-to-face without losing flexibility

To find a solution to reduce complexity, like always

That it fit with their very special hybrid model pace (teams only coming to the office once every 2 to 3 months)

And the tool needed to leveraged human interaction


Nubank choose Comeen Workplace, the flexible hybrid tool integrated in Google Calendar and Slack

Nubank better understand how their buildings are used over the world

85% of Nubank employees are Brazilian and use Comeen Workplace every time they get to the office

Nubank allows its employees to book their working spaces directly from their calendar or phone in less than 30 seconds

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