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Comeen Play runs on ChromeOS

Comeen Play x Chrome Enterprise

Comeen Play, the digital signage solution for internal and operational communication, is Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

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ChromeOS is a simple, fast, and secure operating system developed by Google. It was created to perform all tasks via the internet and store it in the cloud. You no longer have to install demanding software on each device.

Comeen Play is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended

We are very proud and excited about this recognition of a Google-led program.
Comeen Play is recommended by Chrome Enterprise after meeting technical verifications. Google has just opened a new category "digital signage and kiosk" of Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended businesses and has chosen us to be part of it.
Comeen Play is a solution verified by Google.

Our solutions can be combined to develop the most efficient digital signage system available.

Install your project in a few clicks, and manage it easily from a simple and clear dashboard administration with all the information you need.

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How to use Comeen Play with ChromeOS?

It's very simple.

Once your ChromeOS device is connected to Google Admin you can give it rules: use kiosk mode and launch Comeen Play.

→ With one click you're ready to deliver content efficiently and attract attention on all your screens.

Why use ChromeOS for digital signage?

• You don't need to have a user session open to stream content on Comeen Play. This gives you more security, and no diversion of your device is possible.
• The kiosk mode, enabled in Google Admin, cannot be left by mistake. So there is no fear that plugging in a keyboard, moving a mouse, or touching a screen will disconnect the screen from the content it is currently displaying.

How is it more simple to use ChromeOS?

• You are at ease. No pop-ups, no error messages, or sleep messages disturb your screen and your broadcast. The application takes over and your content remains the priority.
• Updates are transparent to you and your viewers. ChromeOS updates are done in the background when the device is launched. No more manual validation, waiting, or tracking is required.

With ChromeOS, your screen management is easier

Directly from Google Admin, you have access to all your ChromeOS devices in one click. In addition to having everything in one place, you have complete information about your players and what they are broadcasting.

Remotely, you can reboot, take a screenshot, and see the history of your player and how it behaves. And updates are automatics.

If you are a company with hundreds of screens it can be very useful. Just find the screen that is not working anymore, go to your Google Admin and you can identify where the problem comes from.

→ Having a digital signage fleet with ChromeOS means having a park that is always up to date and ready to broadcast.

The awesome integration of ChromeOS in Comeen Play

At Comeen Play, we offer an application specially developed for ChromeOS. Thanks to a deeply advanced integration system, you have access to many features.

Directly from Comeen Play, our application allows you to manage the rotation of your screen, like switching it to portrait if your welcome screen is vertical.

Standby is managed, you can take a screenshot remotely from Comeen Play, no switch for users, you can do everything from the platform. Create content & manage your screens.

The management of screens, but make it easy

You have access to all the information on your screens and devices, directly from our solution, like storage, IP, wifi, and activity history, reboot.

Comeen Play continues to stream your content, even if your device loses its internet connection. The streamed content is stored locally on the Chromebox. This also optimizes bandwidth consumption for optimal delivery.

→ Comeen Play and ChromeOS: a robust and secure solution, deployable at scale for your digital signage network.

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We were looking for a digital signage platform to communicate updates to employees across our offices. ChromeOS and Comeen Play were a natural choices. Our IT department has been able to easily deploy and remotely manage this integrated solution, and our corporate communication team has been able to display updates to employees on more than 550 screens worldwide.

Alan Riou
International Digital Communications Manager @Veolia

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