Digital signage
for Microsoft 365

Connecting Comeen and Google Workplace allows you to create and broadcast content from multiple Google sources like Google Slides, Google Sheets. Discover our digital signage integration.
The most integrated

Broadcat any content from Microsoft 365 on your digital signage screens.

It's synchronized and updated automatically in Comeen Play.

The most secure

Log in to the platform with Microsoft single sign-on (SSO).
Distribute content from your SharePoint or Onedrive without sharing documents publicly.

The most advanced

Our R&D team works hard to ensure that Comeen Play evolves with Microsoft 365. If new APIs become available or are changed, we react instantly to provide the most stable service.

Create with the tools you already know

Broadcast instantly on digital signage screens

Because you probably don't want to train your employees on a new tool, Comeen Play allows you to create content from PowerPoint, Excel and Word and display it on a digital signage screen.

An update of the file? No problem, it is automatically synchronized. The best way to distribute internal updates, team schedules, anniversaries and much more!

SharePoint and Onedrive

Comeen Play allows you to pick your files from SharePoint and OneDrive

It's the easiest way to select images, videos, PowerPoint, and more from your SharePoint or OneDrive. Connect your Microsoft account and start your journey with Comeen Play. It's secure and easy to use.

Share the content you want with Microsoft PowerPoint

Your best creations on screen

Creating presentations is good, making them available on a display screen is even better. With Comeen Play, connect and display your PowerPoint with two clicks from our solution, easily and efficiently.

Synchronize your data in Excel

Design and broadcast your own data in Microsoft Excel with Comeen Play

Comeen Play allows you to synchronize raw data sources like CSV, ICS, or Microsoft Excel files. Select the Microsoft Excel you want to synchronize, rearrange, sort and filter your data. You can connect the data source to the template you want to use in our designer.
Create automatically synchronized team schedules, incident dashboards and more!

Content creation with Comeen Play →

A key enabler of the new culture pillar of the Play to Win strategy as Digital Signage is a powerful channel to connect with our employees. Comeen Play will permit to catch-up our technical and digital debt in the area of Digital Signage ✨

Didier Law Tho
Digital Technology > Client Services > Digital Workplace @Sanofi

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