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February 9, 2021

Comeen joins Microsoft for Startups program

Comeen joins Microsoft for Startups program! Discover what it means with our press release.

The Comeen team is proud to announce its partnership with Microsoft and to join the Microsoft for Startups program.

The easiest and fastest way to connect your displays to your Microsoft tools

Comeen's mission is to create a seamless experience between people and workplaces. Comeen Play is the Enterprise-grade digital signage platform of Comeen for internal and operational communication.

This partnership with Microsoft will soon allows you to broadcast your PowerPoint presentations, your important Teams messages, and all your other Office 365 content in two clicks on your screens.

Comeen Play is not only the easiest and fastest way to use and connect your screens to your Microsoft tools. It's also the most secure. Microsoft technologies allows you to work in a secure work environment, and the same is true when you use Comeen Play.

The best Microsoft integration for your digital signage?

We are very pleased to count Comeen among our Microsoft for Startups partners and contribute to the development of their digital signage solution Comeen Play to help businesses communicate better. Microsoft prioritizes startups with innovative B2B solutions that have the potential to help companies in their digital transformation. This is why Comeen has joined the Microsoft for Startups global program, which supports startups in a true partnership approach, both technical and commercial.Anthony Virapin and Chloé Garcia, Microsoft for Startups

Comeen Play, Comeen's digital signage solution meet multiple use cases, in many sectors: in companies, in industry, or in logistics. For example, Irrijardin is developing a coherent brand in 120 stores in France and Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux communicates with its 800,000 annual visitors. Other clients, from start-ups to large groups, such as Samsung, Sanofi, Solocal, and Spendesk also trust Comeen for the simplicity and speed of installation and use. Give it a try.

This partnership marks our willingness to be part of the Microsoft 365 environment by integrating with applications like Teams, Power BI, and SharePoint. All of these integrations meet business needs and confirm Comeen Play's position in the corporate, industrial and logistics markets. Benjamin Gauthier, CEO Comeen

Comeen joins Microsoft for Startups program

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