Display your LumApps news on screen

Comeen Play x LumApps

With Comeen Play, easily display your LumApps news anywhere on multiple screens! Everything is automated and ready for you.


LumApps is an Employee Experience Platform that helps organizations thrive in a digital environment by connecting and empowering employees with purpose and belonging.

LumApps intranet is recommended by Google and has customers like Veolia or Airbus.

A powerful intranet ✨

Today's version of the employee intranet is designed with features to improve all interactions that make up an employee’s experience. A modern employee intranet is a key tool for driving employee engagement. It provides access to information to boost productivity and helps coworkers create meaningful connections.

A digital signage solution 🚀

A digital signage solution is the only all inclusive tool! You don't need anything to be informed, no matter who you are. For those who don't have a work PC or a smartphone and therefore a more complex access to communication, digital signage is the media that is consumed in the same way for everyone.

Together in internal communication 🤝

What better way to improve your workplace and give access to internal communication to everyone than to link the two? It will allow teams to broadcast on screens the internal communication already available on their intranet automatically. This is the promise of Comeen Play x LumApps.

Set up and start sharing your content to your team

One of many advanced integrations

With Comeen Play you have access to many integrations that allow you to broadcast what you want on your screens. Just connect your LumApps account to Comeen Play and off you go.

Start broadcasting today

You can share on your wall-mounted screens your LumApps news, welcome your new hires, promote your upcoming events, and more.

Automatic broadcasting and instant updates

Your LumApps news are instantly shared to your screens. The best part? It keeps in-sync so you don’t have to worry. You can even preview your content and schedule it in advance to display the right content at the right time.

Aware and informed teams

If you publish a blog post for example, it's automatically broadcasted on the screens you have set up in your account. In a few seconds and with a quick glance, everyone knows about this new blog post.

Stay consistent in sharing your content

A powerful designer integrated

Comeen Play offers a very advanced designer who gives you a complete customization of your screens. Choose everything on your screen, design your content from scratch.

LumApps as a datasource

If you already use LumApps, you know that customization is at the ❤️ of everything. With Comeen Play, you can create your own templates with your company's colors and graphics. Link LumApps and you will get the same logic on all your communications!

One of the best products we have used to date for digital signage. Providing a way to manage all screens in one location, giving access to communication teams to view what is posted, posting multiple decks, interactivity, and I could go on. Digital Signage has been brought into the 21st century with Comeen Play! 🚀

Andy Coker
Global Collaboration Team Manager @Imerys

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