The difference between Workplace and Workspace

Broadcast Excel spreadsheets on your signage screens

Synchronize your Excel spreadsheets to showcase your numbers on your digital signage screens
with Comeen Play -- the digital signage solution

Distribute the mandatory information that matters

Display your operational indicators, count the number of days without an accident

Help your employees see more clearly by displaying your key indicators on your screens. Display the number of accident-free days for example, or the latest production figures. You can also display how much turnover your last campaign made: anything you want from Microsoft Excel.

Create a unified brand image and share your content

Format all your data and broadcast them with templates in Comeen

Do you have hundreds of unformatted Excel spreadsheets but want to share the data with your employees? No problem with Comeen Play's Microsoft Excel integration. Choose from our many templates and connect your Excel databases directly to your screens. Your screens look great and your teams are informed.

It's a part of our deep integration digital signage for Microsoft 365 by Comeen

More Comeen's integrations for digital signage

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Google Workspace

Connect your Google Workspace account to broadcast your content in a secure way.

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Microsoft 365

Connect your Microsoft 365 account to display your content in a secure way.

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Display your LumApps news anywhere on multiple screens with digital signage.

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