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Comeen Workplace provides a complete Microsoft Teams application available in the Microsoft Teams Marketplace. Install it within a minute, deploy it at scale in your entire company!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform developed by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. Collaborate better with Microsoft.

Why should you use Microsoft Teams application?

Comeen Workplace helps you to implement the hybrid office into your company directly with tools you already know like Microsoft Teams.
This application allows you to plan your days at the office, to book a desk to be able to add your specifics needs (locker, parking slot), to see your teammates schedules and to locate your desk: all from your Microsoft Teams app.

Plan in-office days directly into Teams

With Comeen Workplace Microsoft Teams application, you're empower to find the best days to come to the office. Schedule your time at the office with a planning. Choose a day, a building, a floor and an area. In a fews clicks your venue is indicate and your weekly schedule is done.

See your teammates

If you want to choose your days according to your colleague and your team, our Teams application allows you to do so. Pick a day or look at the schedule for the next few days and you'll see which members of your teams will be at work.

Automate your reccurence

Choose your reccurence according to your company's rules. Pick your favorites days to come to the office and save them into your application settings. Your schedule for the next 2 weeks will be automatically saved.

Add your needs

Create a safe and secure hybrid office. Come back to work to make it work. Add specifics to your booking if you want to directly into your Teams application. Do you need a locker or a parking slot? Just add it into your reservation and it's done.

Find your right desk

Book your place

If you want to be sure to have a specific seat when you'll go to the office just book it. Also from your Microsoft Teams application, book your space for your attendance. You will be sure to have the office you want and your space assigned.

See your teammates planning

If you and your team are using Comeen Workplace to plan your in-office days, you'll be able to see when your teammates are coming and where are they seated. Then, you will be able to add the colleague you want to sit next to when making your booking. Exchange and meet with your favorite teammates!

Add specifics to the reservation

Comeen Workplace allows you to even add specificities when booking. After choosing if you need a locker or a parking slot, you can also book a dual screen, a keyboard. Choose to be seated next to a window directly into Microsoft Teams for the week ahead!

Your in-office journey

Locate your desk and team

On your in-office days, if you don't find your booked desk easily, use Comeen Workplace's find me feature on your Microsoft Teams application. This allows you to see the location and directions of the office you booked. On this map, you can also see where your colleagues have booked their desks.

Check-in to secure your booking

Check-in when you're arriving allows your company to make the most out of the space. It also allows you to free your desk if you don't come to work anymore. Ghost office reservations will no longer exist. You can confirm your venue with a QRCode, a chat or directly into your Microsoft Teams application.

Talk to our Comeen Workplace bot

From the chatbot, you can check-in to validate your presence. Comeen Workplace bot also sends you notifications so you don't forget to update your office schedule for next week.

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