Comeen Play runs on Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Comeen Play x SSSP

Comeen Play, the digital signage solution for internal and operational communication works on Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)

Samsung Smart Signage Platform

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is a proprietary all-in-one solution that is embedded in Samsung SMART signage and doesn’t require any additional devices to communicate with the server and play digital media.

How does SSSP works with Comeen Play?

Samsung's professional digital signage monitors include an operating system that allows you to install a digital signage application without an external player.

Comeen Play offers an application available in this system.

How to use Comeen Play with SSSP?

There is nothing easier, if you already have your screens or if you buy them. Just log in to the system and install the Comeen Play application on the monitor. Set up your account and you're done! Your monitor has become a true digital signage tool ready to broadcast.

What is Comeen Play compatible with?

We are compatible with all monitors from SSSP6.
We have a dedicated page for all compatible devices to make your project set up easier.

See compatibility with Comeen Play →

With SSSP, your screen management is easier

Directly from a Samsung screen, you can install the Comeen Play application: a foolproof simplicity

It also allows the deployment of digital signage projects at scale without the need of a dedicated digital signage player

It is thus economic, but it also decreases the risk of breakdown. Without player, only one source is to be mastered: the screen

→ Having a digital signage fleet with SSSP means having a park that is always up to date and ready to broadcast.

The awesome integration of SSSP in Comeen Play

At Comeen Play, we offer an application specially developed for SSSP. Thanks to a deeply advanced integration system, you have access to many features.

Directly from Comeen Play, you can manage the rotation of your Samsung screens

You can also completely manage the sleep mode of all your screens from a click directly from our digital signage application

And finally, all your screens are always up to date and you can access all their hardware details

We are valuate Samsung partner!

We have been working hand in hand with Samsung for years to provide the best possible application dedicated to digital signage.

On the same wavelength, we want to allow companies to take advantage of the best technologies on the best tools while remaining on a maximum level of simplicity and security.

Comeen Play has grasped the future developments of digital signage in the next 3 years, so we want to collaborate with them on these innovative topics.

Vincent Piarou,
Business Developer Europe, Samsung Electronics Europe @Samsung

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