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Irrijardin develops a consistent brand in 120 stores in France

In 30 years, Irrijardin has developed a network of more than 120 franchised stores in France. In this article, we explain how the group uses our digital signage solution to successfully create a consistent brand.
Published on
October 22, 2020

Since 2018, our customers have been using our digital signage solution for many application cases. Today, we're looking at the retail sector. We spoke with Julien Calamote, Marketing & Digital Manager at Irrijardin, to learn more about how the group uses digital signage.

In this article, we present:

  • How Irrijardin quickly implemented its digital signage project
  • How the Group creates, distributes and manages its content in real time throughout France
  • The benefits of a digital signage solution for customers and teams

How Irrijardin develops a consistent brand in 120 stores with digital signage

The problem: to guarantee the concept of a group in more than 120 stores throughout France

Irrijardin is a network of franchised stores specialized in the pool and spa sector. The 30-year-old group has more than 450 employees and more than 120 stores in France, with the desire to offer its customers the same experience in all its stores, and to simplify the work of its teams and its franchisees in updating the group's commercial offers and news.

The solution: digital signage that is quick to set up and easy to use to ensure a consistent brand in all your stores

We have been working with Julien and his team for two years. The simplicity of installation and use of our solution have allowed a quick implementation throughout the network, and an accelerated learning curve for the employees. "The installation is very simple, except for a few problems with the length of the cables" smiles Julien. A new commercial operation or a new YouTube tutorial? Content distribution and management is instantaneous. Julien and his team can react in real time to propose special offers. Above all, they guarantee consistent communication throughout the year in the network's 120 stores. All this directly from the head office in Noé, near Toulouse in Occitania.

Comeen Play is a real benefit for our brand. The implementation is fast and the tool is easy to use.
— Julien Calamote, Marketing & Digital Manager, Irrijardin.

The result: a consistent brand for a better customer experience

The choice of our digital signage solution has allowed the Irrijardin group to gain in brand image and to ensure consistent communication throughout the 120 franchised stores. The teams no longer worry about updating the screens, they concentrate their efforts on customer satisfaction. And the network continues to innovate. It offers live broadcasts of its events, such as participation in trade shows. "These innovations are possible thanks to a human, accessible and reactive team, capable of making the product evolve according to the needs of its customers," explains Julien.

Digital signage for a better experience in your points of sale

In summary, digital signage allows a network like Irrijardin to guarantee the concept of its brand in all its points of sale, to be able to propose new offers instantly, and to better respond to customers.

How are you developing a consistent brand in your franchise network? Share your experience with us at, we'd love to hear from you.

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