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Changing your digital signage solution is way easier than you think

How to change your digital signage solution and prepare for a smooth transition?
Published on
July 13, 2023

Changing your digital signage solution may seem like a daunting task, but the truth is that it's much easier than you think, even if you already have an existing platform in place. By being proactive and considering your options before the renewal date, you can effortlessly switch to a modern solution that offers more integrations, a modern dashboard, and compatibility with your already installed hardware.

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When considering the switch from a digital signage solution 💡

One of the common misconceptions is that replacing a digital signage solution means starting from scratch and abandoning the investments made in the current system. However, this is far from the truth.

Make sure your solution is compatible to avoid cost

Most modern digital signage platforms are designed to be flexible and compatible with a wide range of hardware devices. Whether you are using screens, media players, or any other signage equipment, chances are there is a solution available that can seamlessly integrate with your existing setup.

Take Comeen Play for example. We are compatible with almost every hardware available on the market for your screens, meeting room signage and kiosk. You can just download the new application on your screens without changing anything else. Easy, quick and eco-friendly.

Keep track of your company needs

When considering a switch, it's essential to evaluate the limitations of your current digital signage solution. Why do you want to change? Why did you think about it for the first time? Does it offer the latest features and functionalities that align with your business goals? Can it easily adapt to changing market trends? If your current solution falls short in any of these aspects, it might be time to explore other options.

Find the best signage solution for your company 👀

Make your wish list for digital signage

Before the renewal date of your existing solution, take the opportunity to research and test alternative digital signage platforms. Look for solutions that offer enhanced features like real-time content updates and remote management. A modern dashboard that provides intuitive control and customization options is also a significant advantage.

Most of the time, solutions offers a one week or 2 of free trial. So you can start creating your own new playlists and start playing on the solution.

Explore everything a solution has to offer

Benefit also from additional integrations that enhance the functionality and versatility of your digital signage fleet when changing. Look for solutions that seamlessly integrate with your own suite like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, social medias, weather feeds, news tickers, and other relevant applications, like your own intranet.

These integrations can bring dynamic content to your screens and make your signage more engaging and interactive. If you're using LumApps or Simpplr for example, you can have your news directly updated on your screens with Comeen Play. The missing link between your own communication and your computer-less employees.

Re-starting the installation process, or....not? 🛠️

The installation process for a new digital signage solution is much simpler than one might imagine. Many providers offer user-friendly interfaces and step-by-step guides to ensure a smooth transition. Some platforms even provide installation wizards that can automatically detect and configure the existing hardware devices, reducing the need for manual configuration. You can have your brand new digital signage fleet up and running and showcasing your content with a fresh and modern look. If you're using ChromeOS devices it can even be faster. Take Comeen Play for example. The application is already available on the ChromeOS marketplace so it can be installed and operational in just 2 clicks.

Our IT department has been able to easily deploy and remotely manage Comeen Play, and our corporate communication team has been able to display updates to employees on more than 550 screens worldwide.
- Alan Riou, International Digital Communications Manager

Migrate all your content in a few clicks 💪

Once you've chosen your new digital signage solution, and it's exactly what you need, and you're ready to install it: you need to ask yourself whether transferring all your content is possible. Some digital signage solutions offer user groups, file libraries and playlists: but how do you shift everything from one platform to another?

Make it a collaborative digital signage solution

When it comes to transferring user groups and setting up your account on the digital signage platform, make sure the new platform offers a solution for importing your users. Comeen Play, for example, offers one-click CSV file import of all your users, so you can manage the rights and access you want to give to the users in your new account.

And make the most out of your existing content

Make sure that the new digital signage solution can also integrate your existing content. It's even simpler if your content already exists on Google Drive or SharePoint, if it's PPTs or Google Slides.

If this is the case, all you have to do is connect to your new digital signage platform, such as Comeen Play, and link your content to your screens. In just a few clicks, you're up and running.

So if you choose a great digital signage solution, you should be able to transfer all your existing content and users to a complete set-up in less than an afternoon.

These were the most important points for us to look at when thinking of changing your digital signage solution.

- Why do you want to change?

- What new features do I want?

- Is the hardware easy to set-up?

- Will I be able to transfer my content easily?

Changing your digital signage solution is far easier than you may have imagined, even if you already have an existing setup. By being proactive and exploring alternative options before your renewal date, you can effortlessly transition to a modern solution that offers more than your actual.

With a simple and detailed process, you can unlock the potential of a new digital signage platform and elevate your business's visual communication to new heights. Embrace change and take advantage of the possibilities that await with a cutting-edge digital signage solution, used by Veolia, Sanofi and Imerys for example.

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