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10 stats showing you why having a flexible office is the best way to work!

Are flexible offices really the key to boosting productivity, job satisfaction, and cost savings?
Published on
August 25, 2023

Let's dive into the world of flexible offices – those magical spaces where work gets a fresh twist. Imagine working from various spots and switching up your hours. It's like blending the best of remote work and the traditional office vibe.

And guess what? These flexible offices bring a bundle of goodness for both companies and their amazing teams. We're talking more productivity, savings, and that elusive work-life harmony.

We're about to unveil 10 eye-opening data points that prove just how awesome flexible offices are:

Remote work is like a secret for productivity

Stanford University dug deep and revealed that:

Folks working remotely are a solid 13% more productive than the classic office-goers

Source: The Future of Work: The Impact of Remote Work on Business and Society" from Stanford University.

Flexible work setups are like superhero capes against high turnover rates

A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management uncovered that:

Flexible work options are the golden ticket to keeping 69% of employees happily rooted in their current jobs

Source: SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement: 2017 from Society for Human Resource Management.

Job satisfaction gets a mega boost with flexible work too

A FlexJobs survey unveiled that:

76% of employees with flexible arrangements are all smiles about their jobs

Source: FlexJobs 2016 Survey Results from FlexJobs.

Absenteeism takes a hit when flexible work steps in

The Telework Research Network showed that:

Those with flexible work options clock in less absence compared to others

Source: The Impact of Telework on Absenteeism, Turnover, and Productivity from Telework Research Network.

Businesses rake in savings with flexible work

Global Workplace Analytics spilled the beans:

Companies can pocket around $11,000 per employee annually by embracing flexible work options

Source: The Benefits and Costs of Telework: A Summary of Key Findings from Global Workplace Analytics.

Talking about balance – flexible work nails it

A survey by the International Association of Workforce Professionals found that:

81% of employees with flexibility feel their work-life balance is on point

Source: IAWFP Flexible Work Options Survey from International Association of Workforce Professionals.

Health perks? You bet!

The University of South Australia found that:

Flexible work warriors are less likely to wrestle with stress and burnout

Source: The Impact of Flexible Work Arrangements on Employee Health and Well-Being from University of South Australia.

Say goodbye to long commutes

The Telework Research Network disclosed that:

Flexible work peeps spend about four hours less commuting each week

Source: The Impact of Telework on Absenteeism, Turnover, and Productivity from Telework Research Network.

Employee retention skyrockets with flexible options

The Society for Human Resource Management spilled the beans:

69% of employees are more likely to stick around if they have flexible work choices

Source: SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement: 2017 from Society for Human Resource Management.

Flexible work always has been the cool kid on the block

A FlexJobs survey revealed that:

78% of full-timers wish for the remote work option

Source: FlexJobs 2016 Survey Results from FlexJobs.

To sum it all up, these numbers paint a pretty picture of the perks of flexible offices. We're talking higher everything.  

It's clear that this dynamic approach holds the potential to revolutionize productivity, job satisfaction, and cost-efficiency, all while curbing turnover and absenteeism.
A vision that aligns seamlessly with Comeen's mission to enhance workplace experiences through a Workplace Experience Platform with digital signage, meeting room booking, weekly planning and workplace analytics.

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