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May 31, 2021

Supply Chain: Samsung and Comeen Play join forces to revolutionize the industry

We announce a strategic partnership with Samsung and Shiptify for supply chain professionals.

Today, we announce a strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics France and Shiptify. Our digital signage solution is now available on Samsung's professional displays, for a quick and easy implementation of powerful business solutions dedicated to supply chain professionals.

In partnership with Samsung Electronics France and Shiptify, we have developed a specific service offering dedicated to supply chain professionals. Numerous use cases have already been implemented: interactive reception desks on logistics sites, real-time display of operational data in warehouses, performance management screens in offices, etc.

"This partnership is fully in line with our vision: to help companies communicate better with their employees, by bringing business and internal information down to the field," explains Rodolphe d'Aragon, our Marketing and Development Director.

An adapted solution to better communicate with your field teams

Our digital signage solution can be adapted to various Samsung professional screens: large format PC screens, curved screens, indoor and outdoor displays, touch screens and collaborative screens, etc.

"The intelligence embedded in our screens, thanks to the Comeen Play solution, saves the cost of a computer while publishing in real time the indicators from the Shiptify business solution," explains Nadir Ben Bouali, Sales Director, Samsung Display Division.

Our embedded solution on Samsung displays meets two challenges: a quick and easy installation, and a real-time broadcasting of crucial data for your company. The broadcasting of your content is done with maximum efficiency, as close as possible to your operational teams, without the need to add a PC behind each screen.

The result of several commercial successes

Many companies are already taking advantage of this offer. More recently, the specialized retail chain Botanic has deployed it to set up real-time sharing of its trucks' reception schedule and to manage the updating of the legal signage within its various logistic and industrial sites as well as the driver's reception terminals.

"This integration is exemplary in its simplicity: as soon as our Samsung displays were installed and connected to the internet, we were able to display all of our operational metrics on them, without even calling on our IT. We are now looking to remove all regulatory paper displays and put them on touchscreens in the rest areas."
— Fabien Bessette, Logistics Director Botanic

Like Botanic, control all your screens remotely to broadcast your content. We develop this solution to make it the easiest to install and use.

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