The difference between Workplace and Workspace

April 15, 2022

DynamicScreen becomes Comeen Play and completes its offer for large accounts

DynamicScreen, the digital signage specialist for companies, announces today the change of its name to Comeen Play. Discover what is changing in the digital signage solution used by major groups such as Veolia, Sanofi, Imerys, FM Logistic or Eureden.

DynamicScreen, the screen-based content delivery platform for businesses, announced today that it is changing its name to Comeen Play.

The Bordeaux-based SaaS editor behind the platform is also changing its name. The company has become Comeen and is now developing a global Workplace Experience Platform. Its historical solution, "DynamicScreen" (now Comeen Play), allows large groups to improve their internal communication. The latter install display screens at strategic locations in their buildings (open-space, break rooms, etc.).

Thanks to the startup's software, these companies can automatically broadcast the latest information from their intranet (new arrivals, job offers, events), KPIs from Google Data Studio or Salesforce (building energy performance, sales targets), the latest social network posts and more. Veolia, Sanofi, Imerys, FM Logistic, Eureden among others are using the startup's software.

The company has been working for two years on additional features to its global Comeen platform that have been released in the run up to September 2021. With hybrid working becoming the new norm, companies have had to adapt to make their spaces more attractive, collaborative and flexible.

The startup now allows them to optimize the use of the latter by offering features for managing office attendance, flex-office or booking meeting rooms. Comeen stands out from other players in the market by offering a collaborative experience integrated into everyday tools. Indeed, the solution can be used directly from Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Workplace from Meta (Facebook) and soon Microsoft Teams.

These new features are already deployed in a number of companies including Adeo (Leroy Merlin), Boulanger, Nexity, Tier (Germany) and Gifi.

The editor intends to become one of the world leaders in its category.the company claims more than 200 customers, its solution Comeen is deployed in 20 countries. It now has a solid network of resellers in Europe, but also in the United States, Latin America and Australia.

Benjamin Gauthier, CEO Comeen

"This name change marks a real turning point for our company and our historic digital signage platform. We wanted to capitalize on a strong brand that reflects our values, our ambitions and our mission to help our customers deliver the best employee experience on site."

Rodolphe d'Aragon, CRO Comeen

"DynamicScreen's mission was to help companies make their communication more fluid. After 5 years, the challenge has been met, and we have forged a strong position in the digital signage market. Today, this name no longer reflects the global solution we provide to companies. Our new identity Comeen opens new horizons, and marks this will to impose itself as THE global platform of employee experience on site."

About Comeen

Comeen develops a Workplace Experience Platform. This platform allows large international groups to fluidify their internal communication actions on display screens and to optimize the use of their building by implementing flex office or by improving the use of their meeting rooms.

Comeen stands out by offering a collaborative experience integrated into everyday tools. Indeed, the solution can be used directly from Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Workplace from Meta (Facebook) and soon Microsoft Teams.

The company has many customers like Veolia, Sanofi, Imerys, Tier and Payfit.

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