Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one hybrid workspace

October 11, 2021

Place & Co becomes our First Distributor in Australia and New Zealand

Place & Co becomes our First Distributor in Australia and New Zealand. This partnership will help many enterprises to deploy the Hybrid Office into their company.

At Comeen, pioneer in the transition to a hybrid work organization, we are proud to announce our first Distributor for Australia and New Zealand: Place & Co. Following our latest international contract with Veolia, we’re pleased to have Place & Co inaugurate this new continent with such an expert team, and we plan many distributors will follow suit.

Expending the Hybrid Office worldwide

With this new partnership, Place & Co will help many enterprises to deploy the Hybrid Office into their company, by adapting to how teams work best and creating experiences that reach everyone to make a better workspace. Focusing now on the well-being of all employees and making the most of a space.

Benjamin Gauthier, CEO @Comeen
This new partnership is fully in line with Comeen Play's vision: to help companies communicate better with their employees, by bringing business and internal information together. Place & Co is the best solution to help us develop this new way to work in ANZ.
Benoit Rabreaud, Director @Place&Co
By adding Comeen Play and Comeen Workplace to our portfolio of solutions, we can further support our clients to improve their workspace for a better experience. Comeen Play has grasped the future developments of companies for the next years, it's a great opportunity for us to collaborate with them on these innovative topics.

About Comeen

Comeen offers a workplace experience platform. In one hand, the company offers a digital signage solution for internal communication: Comeen Play. Broadcast content with 60+ integrations such as Google Slides, LumApps, Microsoft PowerPoint. And in the other a workplace management product for hybrid office: Comeen Workplace. Helping companies implement desk booking, improve meeting room experience and welcoming visitors. Used by Veolia, Sanofi.

About Place & Co

Place & Co has more than 10 years of expertise helping large organisations in Australia and New Zealand, transforming their businesses by deploying innovative Technologies. With the constant addition of new applications, the digital workplace can quickly become a complex landscape to navigate through. Place & Co specialises in simplifying business processes and creating engaging content and communications for all employees such as Snowyhydro, Raywhite, Veolia and Trade Me.

Press Contact

Benjamin Gauthier / / +33 6 73 74 93 05

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