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May 17, 2023

Comeen Workplace selected for 2023 Recommended Google Workspace Apps

Comeen, the platform for today’s workplace environment, is proud to announce that Comeen Workplace has been selected as part of the 2023 Recommended Google Workspace Apps.

Bordeaux, France, on 2023-05-17

Comeen, the platform for today’s workplace environment, is proud to announce that Comeen Workplace has been selected as part of the 2023 Recommended for Google Workspace apps. This designation highlights the high quality and value of Comeen's solution for modern workplaces.

Recommended for Google Workspace is a select list of market-leading third-party applications available on the Google Workspace Marketplace. These apps have undergone rigorous security and reliability testing to ensure they are ready to be deployed in businesses of all sizes. This designation indicates that Comeen Workplace has been thoroughly tested and meets the highest standards for performance, security, and user experience.

Comeen Workplace is a platform that combines the best of pre-pandemic collaboration with the flexibility of hybrid work.

It makes it easy for employees to plan in-office days and work from home the rest of the week. The company is working with worldwide customers looking to optimize their workplace usage by moving from a dedicated-desk model to a desk-sharing model.

It's guaranteed in-person collaboration by letting everyone book a desk next to their teammates without leaving Google Calendar.

They also tend to mark the end of heated discussions over meeting room availability with their Google Chat apps. From an automatic notification, a meeting room booking can be confirmed or cancelled.

Benjamin Gauthier, CEO @Comeen
"We deeply believe in UI-less applications and this is why we're investing so much in our seamless integration with Google Workspace. This recognition highlights the hard work of all our team!"
Charles Maxson, Developer Advocate @Google
"The Recommended for Google Workspace apps category helps customers identify apps on the Marketplace that can help them work in powerful new ways, and we’re excited to designate Comeen as part of this initiative.”

Comeen Workplace is trusted by large Google Workspace customers such as Veolia, Carrefour, Adeo, Imerys and Nubank.

You can try Comeen Workplace for free today on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

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About Comeen

Comeen is building an Enterprise-grade platform for today’s workplace environment.

The company offers a digital signage solution for internal communication: Comeen Play and a workplace management product for hybrid work: Comeen Workplace.

Comeen has major customers: Veolia, Nubank, Sanmina or Sanofi.

For more information about Comeen, visit this page!

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