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U Enseigne transform flex office with new HQ building for employees

Discover how U Enseigne has implemented a hybrid office tool into their employee's daily life during a relocation

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Rungis, FR



Use case

Managing office spaces




Comeen Workplace

The company
Systeme U is a French Retailer with 1700 supermarkets and, 70000 employees. U Enseigne operates every day to help with the diverse needs of the group such as HR, sales and support.

Comeen has transformed how we work daily. Its seamless integration with Google Workspace simplifies our daily operations, and the intuitive chat ensures smooth communication. Comeen keep our workforce organized, making it our ally in redefining efficiency in our new building.

Audrey Hillaert
HR Project Manager
The challenge
U Enseigne needed to go from 2 buildings to a single facility, ‚ÄúCampus Sud‚ÄĚ, designed for flex office and remote work.

Create an unified space to facilitate seamless collaboration for many people in a limited number of desks

Implement a 2 day/week remote schedule

Needed a solution to optimize space utilization and enhance overall efficiency

The result
The company choose Comeen for the daily simplicity and Google Workspace integration.

Employees declare remote days and schedule their office visits effortlessly now.

Newcomers are automatically sync with Comeen, minimizing administrative tasks.

U Enseigne monitored KPIs such as employee attendance, check-ins, and space occupancy rates.

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