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Marseille, France



Use case

Customer informations




Comeen Play

The company
Gedimat is a network of distribution network for building and for professionals and professionals and and private customers.

"Comeen Play allows us to deliver a better customer experience and maximize our sales."

Nathalie Dubus
Back-office manager
The challenge
Gedimat wanted to offer a better experience to its customers through its stores in France.

Enable expert salespeople to focus on their core business

Keep all customers who visit the store aware of the latest Gedimat information and activities

Broadcast the company's existing content so that Gedimat don't have to recreate it in each store

The result
Gedimat proposes a modern and innovative brand image thanks to the installation of Comeen Play

A simple and quick installation for more than 15 screens per point of sale in France

Deliver impactful messages to customers every day, updated live from a single computer

Adapted live promotions to maximize sales by touch points

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