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Display your LumApps messages on your screens with Comeen Play

We are pleased to announce our integration with LumApps

This new integration is available now. You can simply and quickly display your LumApps messages on your screens, anywhere in the world.

Broadcast your LumApps messages on your screens

Why integrate LumApps with Comeen Play?

LumApps and DynamicScreen share the vision of simple, fast and secure business communication. This integration allows you to display your important messages on one or more screens, anywhere in the world. Whether you are welcoming new employees or informing about upcoming events, you can benefit from this integration, which improves the visibility of your information, engages your teams and increases your employer brand.

What can you expect from this LumApps integration by Comeen Play?

From now on, you can connect your LumApps intranet with Comeen Play to display your messages on your screens and allow all your employees to be informed instantly, no matter where they work.

Informez tous vos salariés

It's easy to install and use. Set up your screens in minutes. Comeen Play is compatible with most devices. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly connect to your LumApps intranet to broadcast your messages.

Your LumApps messages are instantly broadcasted on all your screens. Your content is synchronized in real time, without any action on your part. You can also preview your content and schedule the broadcast to display the right message at the right time. From your LumApps intranet, display your latest news already branded on your screens using a simple and intuitive editor. No graphic skills are required. Choose a template or create your own and modify it whenever you want.

Simply personalize your LumApps messages on your screens

Some examples of how Comeen Play uses the LumApps integration

Increase the visibility of your social intranet in one click

Increase the visibility of your messages in one click and display your strategy, your latest news and important messages on one or more screens, in France or on the other side of the world.

Offer a personalized experience to your visitors

Display your important information to welcome your visitors in the best conditions. Inform all your employees with digital signage

Share the latest news from your LumApps intranet on your screens, and boost the commitment of your employees to your common goals, whether they are in the office or in the field.

We hope we have given you some ideas to take full advantage of this new integration. Try our solution or contact us for a demonstration. We will be happy to assist you in the implementation of your digital signage project.

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