Auchan transformation from multiple buildings to one hybrid workspace

FM Logistic enhance operational communication to transform logistics workflows

French logistical company use signage to simplify nationwide operational communication.
Published on
November 14, 2023

In today's world, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. For companies with multiple sites spread across a vast geographic expanse, maintaining consistent and efficient communication can be quite a challenge.

However, FM Logistic, a prominent French logistics company, managed to overcome this hurdle by embracing a powerful digital signage solution: Comeen Play.

Let's discover how this transformative tool revolutionized their communication landscape 😎

Change from complexity to simplicity with one digital signage platform

Imagine the complexity of managing communication across numerous logistical sites scattered throughout a country. FM Logistic faced this very challenge until they made the switch from traditional USB-based screens to the versatile Comeen Play platform.

By unifying their communication efforts, FM Logistic achieved unprecedented levels of efficiency and coherence.

Gone are the days of manually distributing documents and waiting for their deployment at each site. Comeen Play's integration with Google Workspace made communication a breeze for FM Logistic.

They gained the ability to easily customize and structure targeted messages, delivering them directly to specific locations in a matter of seconds.

→ From accident reports to company updates, FM Logistic found a simple and efficient way to disseminate information, reducing time and effort. The team also linked up their LumApps intranet to automatically broadcast their news. Nothing is lost, everything is seen.

FM Logistic's use of digital signage

FM Logistic recognizes the importance of individual site autonomy. With Comeen Play, each site can tailor and curate its communication, ensuring relevance and alignment with their unique activities.

By harnessing the platform's capabilities, users can create engaging content, incorporate videos, conduct internal surveys, and even organize challenges to foster a sense of collaboration and excitement within their teams.

Are you intrigued by FM Logistic's digital communication transformation? Would you like to explore more details and gain insights into their experience with Comeen Play? Download the full customer story now!

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