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FM Logistic simplify nationwide operational communication

How FM Logistic simplify nationwide operational communication on 36 logistical sites

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Use case

Operational communication




Comeen Play

The company
FM Logistic is a French family-owned company that provides logistics solutions and services in numerous countries with many sites and warehouses.

"We wanted a platform that already integrated our existing tools and all of our live data. Comeen Play really boosted our communications, and we really feel the before and after installing digital signage at FM Logistic"

Audrey Garandel
Communication Manager
The challenge
How to enhance operational communication at a national level for FM Logistic French teams?

The French-logistical company wanted to eliminate paper signage completely of all logistical sites

FM Logistic also had USB-based screens for communication that they wanted to improve

Finally, they wanted to create a targeted and structured communication across specific sites

The result
FM Logistic chose Comeen Play, the digital signage platform that integrates Google Workspace

User-friendly interface, easy onboarding process and no need for extensive training for all employees

FM Logistic deployed and use templates, automatically distributed to all screens across the sites

The company use Google Workspace integrations to broadcast in their warehouses with live data, linked to their Google Sheets and Slides

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