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Botanic increases its productivity by simplifying the reading of its logistic data

Digital signage has many uses, in internal communication, for events, or in retail. A few weeks ago, we announced a strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics France and Shiptify, to offer specific services dedicated to supply chain professionals. In this article, we share with you the experience of Fabien Bessette, Logistics Director of Auxine Logistic, the platform of Botanic and Médor et Compagnie, respectively 72 and 52 stores in France.

  • The main challenges of this 18,000m2 logistics platform
  • The solutions implemented to meet them, without going through the IT department
  • The benefits of a digital signage solution and its concrete results

How Botanic increases productivity by simply displaying business data to field teams

Volume, flow management and technical issues

In a few figures, the Botanic logistics platform is :

  • 47 employees
  • 18,000m2 of floor space
  • 7,900 items in stock on 11,000 pallet spaces
  • 110,000 pallets shipped per year
  • 310 suppliers

"We need to be able to give a simple reading of the activity to our teams," Fabien explains. Between receiving deliveries in the morning and shipping orders in the afternoon, the information for the teams varies during the day, and Fabien shares his activity monitoring between several business software, including Shiptify and Google Data Studio. For Fabien, clear and relevant information is an essential criterion to allow his teams to be "more reactive and autonomous." Other difficulties include displaying this different data on the same screen in a legible way, and being able to administer this fleet of screens without going through the IT department and without developing a new information system.

Results: simplified reading, responsive teams and increased productivity

Comeen Play  has enabled Fabien to provide a simple reading of the activity to his field teams. The teams have gained autonomy and responsiveness, and this has allowed them to increase their productivity.To go further, the company is imagining other applications for the solution, particularly in internal communication to share company news, build employee loyalty, and why not in stores to manage information to customers.

Thank you! Share this on LinkedIn, and if, like Fabien, you are looking for a solution to better inform your teams, make an appointment or write to us at, we will be delighted to present our solution.

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