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Irrijardin develops a modern brand in 120 stores

Discover how Irrijardin use Comeen for the brand identity in more than 120 stores in France

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Noé, France



Use case

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Comeen Play

The company
Irrijardin is the specialist in for Pools, Spas and with a network of over network of over 120 stores in France.

"We offer our customers a consistent experience from store to store, throughout France."

Julien Calamote
Marketing & Digital Manager
The challenge
Irrijardin wants to offer its customers a consistent sales experience from one store to another throughout France

The network updated the screens of the franchised stores annually once a month

Irrijardin wanted to standardize the communication actions to ensure a coherence of sign on the whole territory.

The group wanted a quick implementation with a single user able to manage the 120 stores from his account

The result
Comeen Play saves time for franchises and creates a consistent brand for the Irrijardin Group.

The digital marketing team manages the display of the network's 120 stores from its headquarters

Irrijardin broadcasts instant commercial operations, group news and tutorials

The group broadcasts 8 minute sequences in a loop, which allows them to display their offers 3 to 4 times after the customer

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