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4 reasons why ChromeOS is the best operating system for digital signage

What are the benefits of using ChromeOS as the operating system for digital signage?
Published on
May 24, 2023

Digital signage has become a critical tool for companies worldwide to engage customers, promote products and services, and create brand awareness. The use of digital signage in the corporate world has increased significantly in recent years due to its ability to deliver targeted content, improve office experience, and reduce costs associated with traditional advertising and displaying methods.

In this blog post, we will discuss why ChromeOS is the best operating system you can have for digital signage in 4 main points.

How ChromeOS protects digital signage from cybersecurity threats

Security is a paramount concern for big companies when it comes to digital signage. ChromeOS provides an exceptionally secure operating system to broadcast content. ChromeOS is built with a strong emphasis on security, boasting multiple layers of security measures integrated into its architecture.

Thanks to automatic updates and virus protection, ChromeOS ensures that digital signage is free from malware and viruses that could compromise the company's network.

Moreover, ChromeOS provides a built-in kiosk mode. The kiosk mode is what allows you not to leave an application when it is launched, it goes into lock mode.

For example, you go to a trade show and you connect your digital signage to a screen. Well, even if some smart guys try to plug in a USB key or try to connect, it won't work thanks to the kiosk mode.

This feature enhances the overall security of digital signage, assuring big companies that their sensitive information is safe and protected 💪

The advantages of a centralized management for major companies

For big worldwide companies, managing a vast network of digital signage displays — also called screen fleet — can be an arduous task. Thankfully, ChromeOS provides a user-friendly system that streamlines digital signage operations.

ChromeOS offers centralized management tools that enable companies to oversee all their devices from a single dashboard, making the management process more straightforward and efficient.

With ChromeOS, companies can take advantage of features such as automatic updates, remote management, and configuration to simplify their digital signage operations. These features eliminate the need for manual updates and allow for seamless remote management, ultimately reducing the IT workload.

Some digital signage solution — like Comeen Play —  integrate directly the ChromeOS remote management so you can create your digital signage, deploy your screen fleet and manage it all-in-one place easily 🌎

ChromeOS help saving on digital signage costs

When considering new technologies, cost implications are crucial for major companies. ChromeOS is a cost-effective operating system for high-quality digital signage.

Unlike other systems, ChromeOS offers a cost effective kiosk subscription without compromising on advantages. It has low hardware requirements, reducing overall ownership costs, waste, and overconsumption. By using affordable devices, companies can save on hardware costs when scaling up their digital signage fleet.

— Installing digital signage with ChromeOS is simple: all you need is a ChromeOS device, a screen, and a digital signage solution, and you're good to go —

In addition, ChromeOS thinks about the planet. It offers ways to use devices manufactured, consumed and reused responsibly. If you have old hardware with old operating systems, you can install ChromeOS flex in a few minutes easily. And use as much as 46% less energy consumption with ChromeOS devices that other on the market.

Reduce e-waste and extend the life of your existing devices by transforming them with a modern OS. — ChromeOS Flex

Create endless possibilities for digital signage content

Flexibility is a vital consideration for big companies when it comes to digital signage. ChromeOS provides companies with the freedom to customize their digital signage to meet their specific needs.

With a vast selection of apps and extensions available on the Chrome Web Store, companies can easily tailor their digital signage project to deliver a unique and engaging internal communication (or operational communication) by choosing the right digital signage platform. It's essential for success!

To help you choose, Chrome has created a program called Chrome Enterprise Recommended to help enterprises find technologies that make working on the web and in the cloud even better.

Only 11 Kiosk & Digital Signage companies are Chrome Enterprise Recommended in the world. After many years of collaboration with Google, Comeen was fortunate to have its Enterprise-Grade digital signage platform selected to be part of this nomination. Comeen Play is Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

Comeen Play, the Enterprise-Grade digital signage platform, is deeply integrated into the Google universe, and is specifically designed to run on ChromeOS and all compatible hardware.

This platform, available on Chrome Web Store, allows companies to leverage the full potential of ChromeOS while taking advantage of Comeen Play's advanced digital signage capabilities, such as dynamic content creation, Google Workspace integrations, advanced scheduling, and real-time analytics.

By combining ChromeOS and Comeen Play, major companies can create powerful and effective digital signage displays that drive engagement and revenue — Like Veolia, who's already doing it.

Credit photo: CTL and Comeen.

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