The difference between Workplace and Workspace

Veolia pushes the boundaries of digital signage with Comeen Play

Veolia chooses Comeen Play to synchronize its communication with its employees worldwide.
Published on
March 9, 2021

Today, we announce our collaboration with Veolia.

For several months, we have been working with the Group to enable it to synchronize its communication with its employees around the world. We are deploying our digital signage solution to control the screens in all the entities around the world, and to broadcast content in a variety of formats to inform all employees: videos, texts, social network news feeds, YouTube channels, weather, etc.

We were looking for a digital signage platform to communicate updates to employees across our offices. ChromeOS and Comeen Play were a natural choices. Our IT department has been able to easily deploy and remotely manage this integrated solution, and our corporate communication team has been able to display updates to employees on more than 550 screens worldwide. - Alan Riou, International Digital Communications Manager @Veolia

"This is currently one of the most important achievements of our team," admits our CEO, Benjamin Gauthier.

Since 2018, we have been developing this web application allowing our customers to control their information screens, installed on remote sites, especially for internal communication. A group like Veolia connects its software and business applications and can thus administer its entire network of screens spread over 5 continents. The objective? To give all employees real-time and simultaneous access to the group's various information on topics such as safety and well-being at work.

"This new partnership proves the robustness of our online digital signage software developed to facilitate internal communication in companies", concludes our manager.

Like Veolia, control all your screens remotely to broadcast your content. We are developing this solution to make it the easiest to install and to use. Visit to learn more or write to us at, we will be happy to study your digital signage project together.

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