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5 original uses of digital signage that your company is not yet doing

Post custom content to your space ⚡️

Make your customers or team feel at home the moment they enter your waiting room or lobby with personalized welcome messages. Use Comeen Play to send a warm message about your company's latest announcements, performance and brand messages directly to your visitors in real time.

Tip: Customize specific messages on each screen based on their location in your organization: lobby, meeting room, break room, warehouse.

Put forth collaborative messages for your team 🤝

Looking for new ways to improve the reach of your messages across your communication channels? Comeen Play allows companies to combine their collaboration tools with its integrations to ensure your teams stay informed and up-to-date.

Tip: You can deliver internal communication messages to physical and virtual screens across the company and keep your employees informed on the spot and remotely, no matter where they are. Use the RemoteBoard feature to do this.

Create graphics with your corporate colors 📊

Whether you want to show your revenue growth, display your budget breakdown, project your revenue trends or track your solution downloads, this feature is for you. Set up custom charts to display on your screens, updated automatically, choose the color, legend and add your data source from our Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or CSV integrations.

Boost engagement with countdowns 🚀

Do you have an important corporate event coming up this week? A webinar, an important meeting, a lunch or an announcement? Integrate a countdown directly on your screens with Comeen Play. Everyone will be able to see the days ticking by as time passes.

Tip: Add photos and event details to the screen visuals in a few clicks, everything is configurable directly from our designer tool.

Share your news through videos 🎬

You release a new video on Youtube or you have created a new feature in your solution and you want to share it with the whole team? In addition to sending a message on your internal communication channel, showcase it in your office! Thanks to the Youtube integration on Comeen Play, share your videos and news with one click.

Tip: If a new employee joins your team, welcome him with a video and a personalized message. Templates are available for this purpose directly in our solution.

Bonus: Expose your website and social networks 📣

Create your own internal communication Playlist, with your messages, news, website and social networks. Through our Facebook and Instagram integrations, showcase your latest posts to increase engagement with your employees.

And you, what are your uses of digital signage? Do you have a specific need for a project ? Write to us at, we will be happy to discuss about it.

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