5 ways to remind your team of barrier actions

There are several ways to communicate with your teams and customers to protect yourself and remind them of the safety precautions. A digital signage solution is a quick way to spread the message widely.
Published on
November 13, 2020

In this period of confinement, there are many ways to communicate with your teams and customers to protect yourself and remind them of the barrier gestures. A dynamic display solution is a quick way to spread the message widely. This is for example the strategy adopted by Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux to inform its 120 employees and 800,000 annual visitors.

In this article, we present the different ways to communicate to protect against the spread of the coronavirus with a digital signage solution such as Comeen Play:


Spreading a message to protect your teams from the virus

Informing your staff and customers can start with a simple message to remind them to be cautious in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. From the Comeen interface, it is very simple. A title, a text (optional) and you instantly broadcast your message on all your screens. #BeCautious

Remind your teams of barrier actions through YouTube videos

Our digital signage solution allows you to broadcast your video content on all your screens, either by adding your own videos or with our YouTube integration. Do you want to remind your teams of barrier measures with a video support? Go to Santé Publique France, where you can find spots produced for the general public and broadcast during the pandemic.

Inform your teams on the right gestures to adopt with our PDF integration

The Government website offers many communication tools to remind people of the right gestures to adopt and the use of the mask. Here are some examples.

A picture is worth a thousand words in the team fight against the coronavirus

For your horizontal screens, there are also some images on the Santé Publique France website, like this one:


Customize your barrier reminders with our Designer

Our digital signage solution also allows you to create your own screens, as easily as a slide on Keynote, Google Slides or PowerPoint. In this way, you create striking visuals to widely disseminate the barriers to the spread of COVID-19 and you ensure the safety of your teams, in accordance with your company's graphic charter.

Here is an example:


Ready to broadcast your important messages to protect your teams?

Discover our new preview feature. It allows you to have a real preview of the different contents configured, according to the format of your screens, horizontal or vertical.


If you are already using Comeen Play, go to your account and get a preview of your content from the menu.

Not on Comeen Play yet?

What are you waiting for? Try our solution or contact us for a demo. We will be happy to help you to display this information on all your screens. And you, how do you inform your teams and your customers about the barriers to be respected?

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