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Ok Google, display my Data Studio data with Comeen Play

Introducing the Google Data Studio integration for Comeen Play. The easiest way to view and display your data on all your screens.
Published on
October 29, 2020

We are pleased to announce our new integration with Google Data Studio, which is designed to be the easiest solution to install and use to display your content on your screens. With just two clicks, you can display your Google Slides presentations, Facebook and Twitter news feeds, recent YouTube videos, and more.Now you can also display your data on all your screens with our new Google Data Studio integration.

This is Google Data Studio

More and more companies are using data visualization platforms like Google Data Studio to automatically produce reports and dashboards to clearly represent metrics, track performance, and quickly escalate issues to their teams, management committees, or customers.

Google Data Studio is the gold standard for data visualization for many managers because the solution is easy to access and is relatively simple to use for most of them.

Because we share this goal of ease of access and use, we are especially pleased to be integrating this new solution.

Connect all your data with Google Data Studio

The Google Data Studio integration allows you to display a wide variety of data, from Google products like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Sheets, as well as from over 300 data sources like Stripe, QuickBooks, and Facebook Insights.

Make sense of your data with Google Data Studio

What is the financial situation of my company? What are the results of our recent advertising campaign? Is it more interesting to communicate on Facebook or LinkedIn? Google Data Studio allows you to make sense of your data and answer these questions. The possibilities are numerous. And if you're looking for inspiration, the gallery of over 100 templates will get you started quickly.

A sample Google Data Studio dashboard for you and your teams.

Why connect Comeen Play and Google Data Studio

View your Google Data Studio dashboards on all your screens with Comeen Play

Google Data Studio allows you to create instantly updated dashboards in real time. By displaying your activity reports on your screens, you keep your teams informed, motivate them, and can quickly identify and correct problems.

How does Comeen Play's Google Data Studio integration work?

Google Data Studio integration by Comeen Play is the easiest, simplest and fastest way to display your data on all your screens. To display your data on your screens, select the desired report or dashboard, then add the content to Comeen Play. Your data is displayed instantly.

How to get Google Data Studio integration on Comeen Play

If you are already using Comeen Play, go to your account and add Google Data Studio content by clicking Add Content.

What are you waiting for? Try our solution or contact us for a demo. We'll be happy to show you how to display your Google Data Studio data on all your screens.

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