👀 Canam use Comeen's digital signage for internal communication coast-to-coast

3 months at Comeen: 6 new features, 5 improvements, and 33 fixes.

Comeen, the most complete experience platform ? In 3 months, we have released 6 new features, 5 improvements, and 33 fixes. Synthesis.
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March 30, 2021

Since January, we've released a number of new features to help you deliver your content more easily and quickly to all your screens. In three months, we have released a total of 6 new features, 5 improvements, and 33 fixes. In this article, we offer you a summary of these recent updates.

Create custom content faster and easier with Comeen Play

In January, we put online our Templates library, pre-designed templates to answer all your use cases, simple to adapt and to put in the image of your company.We thought this library to be the easiest and most intuitive to use.For an important announcement of the company, the follow-up of the monthly objectives, or the arrival of a new collaborator, there is a template for that. Select your desired template, customize it with your visuals, text and company logo and you're done. You can even preview it before publishing it and display it on all your screens in one click.

Do you have other ideas for templates? You can write to us at -- and we will be happy to add them to the collection!

For recent company news too, there's a template for that.

Connect your screens to your Google Sheets with Comeen Play integration

Companies such as Google, FM Logistics and Veolia, use Google Sheets integration with Comeen Play to display their daily meetings, number of accident-free days, performance indicators, and more in real time. The use cases are numerous, regardless of your industry. Data is updated automatically. If the data changes in your Google Sheets, it also changes on your screens, without any action on your part.

Connect your screens to your Google Sheets to display, for example, your goals for the month or the number of accident-free days.

This advanced Google Sheets integration on Comeen Play complements existing integrations with Google Data Studio and other Google products.

How to use the Google Sheets integration on Comeen Play

Google Sheets integration is available now. If you are already using Comeen Play, go to your account and add your Google Sheets in the Settings. Not yet on Comeen Play? What are you waiting for? Try our solution or contact us for a demo. We will be happy to show you how to display your Google Sheets data on all your screens.

Secure and simplify access to your Comeen Play  account with Microsoft

From now on, you can access your Comeen Playspace with your Microsoft credentials. Single sign-on, or SSO, allows you to access your account with a unique identifier, either Google or Microsoft.To log in, your Microsoft identifier is all you need. It's easier and more secure.

Comeen Play, the most complete digital signage solution ?

Our recent partnership with Microsoft will allow us to integrate Office 365 products such as PowerPoint, Teams, Excel, Power BI, Yammer, Exchange and SharePoint.

Comeen Play is not only the easiest and fastest digital signage solution to use. It's also the most secure and best integrated with Google Workspace.

We continue to develop with the obsession to be and remain the easiest and fastest digital signage solution to install and use. Try our solution or contact us for a demonstration. We will be happy to accompany you in the implementation of your digital signage project.

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