The ultimate checklist to engage frontline workers with digital signage

Canam went from printed internal newspaper to real-time updates with digital signage

How Canadian manufacturer Canam leveraged digital signage for multilingual internal communication coast-to-coast.
Published on
March 7, 2024

Canam, a renowned Canadian manufacturer in the construction industry, faced unique (but very common) challenges in reaching their plants workers, which led them to explore innovative solutions. In our latest customer story, we delve into Canam's internal communication change using Comeen Play, an enterprise-grade digital signage solution.

Discover how Canam overcame their communication hurdles and revolutionized their workplace communication in addition to their existing intranet.

Canam is breaking down communication barriers

Canam's story highlights the common struggle faced by many big companies - bridging the communication gap between office-based and plants employees.

The lack of access to technological resources and the absence of intranet accounts in plant settings posed significant challenges.

Discover how Canam discovered the power of digital signage to instantly connect with their employees, replacing their traditional printed internal newspaper with real-time updates connected to their intranet LumApps.

Overcoming language barriers across the world with digital signage

With multiple plants from coast to coast, Canam faced the additional hurdle of managing communication in multiple languages. Language management became a critical factor for them to ensure seamless and consistent messaging across their diverse workforce.

Canam recognized the importance of catering to the unique needs of their different locations and departments. With Comeen Play, they empowered local users in each location to curate content specific to their offices, including cafeteria menus, local news, and site-specific announcements.

Canam's transformative journey with Comeen Play showcases the immense potential of digital signage in enhancing workplace communication to go beyond. To delve deeper into their success story and learn how Comeen Play enabled Canam to overcome their communication challenges, download the full customer story today.

Discover the power of real-time updates, language management, integration capabilities, and personalized communication experiences.

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