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Comeen raises 1.2 million euros to boost corporate communication
Published on
July 17, 2020

Hello, I'm Benjamin Gauthier, co-founder of Comeen and I'd like to share some good news with you.

Since 2018, we've been paying special attention to digital signage technologies.

We integrate them into our solution to allow you to connect to all your favorite sensors and apps. Our interface allows you to get started quickly. With just a few clicks, you can automatically broadcast content adapted to the day, the time, and the weather.

We are not only the most advanced solution with the easiest interface to use. We are not only the most advanced solution with the easiest interface to use, we also put people in the right place, at the service of our customers.

We equip thousands of screens in over 20 countries around the world and our customers range from fast-growing start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Sanofi, Spendesk and Veolia for businesses, retail, industry and education, we offer the most relevant digital signage solution today. And we're going even further: we're launching two new offerings.

StoreGuard, the simple and automated solution to help retail outlets, hotels and restaurants implement government measures and secure your customers and staff.

Your teams focus on customer satisfaction. StoreGuard does the rest. It's the result of a close collaboration with Samsung Electronics France and Axis Communications.

We also raised 1.2 million euros with Newfund, Bpifrance, GSO Innovation (the regional investment fund of Crédit Agricole) and several business angels. This financing allows us to support the growth of our team, and to accelerate our commercial development, in France and in Europe, with the human being at the heart of our values. If you have a digital signage project, our solution is more relevant than ever.

It allows you to imagine new uses. Register on our website and we will be happy to let you test the solution.

And if you are interested in our history and our projects, we talk about it in detail on this blog.

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