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Comeen is the platform for today’s workplace environment integrated with your daily tools

Hybrid office, weekly planning, workplace analytics, digital signage: create a seamless experience between people and workplaces.

Improve your workplace experience with Comeen Workplace

Comeen Workplace is our Enterprise-grade workplace management product

With Comeen, your team can plan in-office days, book a desk, get office extras, update their office status, check-in meeting room or welcome a visitors from Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Better inform your team and customers thanks to your screens with Comeen Play

Comeen Play is our Enterprise-grade digital signage product

With Comeen, you can improve your internal and operational communication by broadcasting content on screens from integrations such as Youtube, LumApps, Google Slides or Powerpoint presentations.

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Comeen Play allows us to distribute content connected to our business tools to our employees around the world. This ensures that all of the group's employees, spread over the 5 continents of the world, remain informed of our activity and can work in the best conditions.

Kevin Benchao
Product Manager @Veolia
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Comeen's platform

How Comeen can improve your workplace?

Weekly planning

Empower employees to find the best days to come to the office and update their working status.

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Desk booking

Manage your office with desk booking, teammates schedules and office extras.

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Meeting room experience

Improve your workplace by booking and freeing-up meeting room in one-click from your calendar.

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Workplace analytics

Give facility management team tools to enhance the configuration your offices and workplaces.

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Digital signage

Improve internal communication by broadcasting content on your screens.

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Visitors management

Welcome all your visitors easily to make a good first impression by streamlining processes.

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TIER manages the hybrid office for 1400 employees

Discover how TIER implement the hybrid office across Europe and empower their employees to declare their attendance.

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