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Connect your teams and workplaces

Digital signage, meeting room booking, weekly planning, workplace analytics: create a seamless experience between people and workplaces.

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How does Comeen help your workplace?

Create the best workplace experience

Bring back your team

Coordinate your teams, make your buildings more flexible, empower your teams to plan their workweek
Manage hybrid work →

Empower your team

Deliver internal communication with digital signage to be connect everyone in the same way in your company
Engage your teams →

Optimize your space

Enhance meeting room use, reduce the stress of finding an available room, get rid of ghost meetings
Get the best workplace →
Google Calendar’s integration

Synchronize your status with Google Calendar’s working location

When you update your planning in Comeen Workplace, your working location is also automatically updated in Google Calendar and vice versa
What does Comeen platform do?

All from the tools you already use

Comeen helps us connect our 100 000+ employees across 5 continents with digital signage and make the most out of our meeting rooms spread around the globe with a simple solution.

Alan Riou
International Digital Communications Manager

Improve your workplace by reading on topics and hybrid trends

Digital signage, work/life balance, hybrid office, employee attendance...what else?

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