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Comeen Workplace selected for 2023 Recommended Google Workspace Apps ➡️

Integrated in Google Workspace

Use both Comeen's products with tools you already know

Comeen Play and Comeen Workplace are 2 fully integrated products in the Google Workspace universe

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google.

Our long time partnership with Google

Since its inception in 2016, Comeen has been able to create a connected and innovative platform and thus has been able to develop a network of international partners.

Comeen has a deep knowledge of Google Workspace in order to best integrate its solution with Google's software suite and support its customers in a comprehensive way.

These integrations make it much easier to improve your workplace and deploy our solution in your company!

Included in Comeen Workplace

Comeen Workplace helps you manage flexible building and understand how they are used. Empower your team to plan in-office attendance, book a desk or a meeting room ⚡️

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Improve your workplace with tools you already know

You don't need an application or a new tool to plan your week in the office, manage your external visitors and get workplace analytics. Comeen Workplace is completely integrated with your everyday tools.

Directly into Google Calendar and Gmail, find Comeen Workplace and start improving your workspace.

Simple and secure deployment  connected with your Google Workspace account. Your assets like users, groups, buildings are managed from Google Admin.

What can Comeen add-ons in Calendar and Gmail do?

Our Gmail and Calendar add-ons offer all of Comeen Workplace's features. You can plan your in-office days and even book a desk directly into Gmail or your Calendar. You can invite your visitors and register them with Comeen by clicking on an event directly in your calendar.

Access to all Comeen Workplace's features

Automatically adapts to time zone and language

What features are there in our Google Chat app?

From Comeen Workplace's Google Chat app: plan in office-days, book a desk, reserve a meeting room.
Thanks to this, you can access all your benefits directly from your mobile or any others devices where you're logged with your Google account if you wish.

Receive reminders on Google Chat app

Check-in, check-out, weekly planning

Synchronization of Google Groups

Create your account and import all your users easily with Google Admin

Being 100% integrated with Google Admin means that you as an administrator can connect Google Admin to Comeen Workplace and import all of your users, groups and organizational units easily! Don't worry if some are added or removed, it's auto-updated. (Twice in 24 hours to stay current)

Import all of your buildings and offices

If you have your buildings registered in Google Admin, you can start create

In one click from Google Admin, all your company and office information is available in your Comeen Workplace administration dashboard.
You can then add your desk lists, manually or by importing a Google Sheets. Even create the floors, zones and equipment of your desks.

Sync all your meeting rooms

Comeen Workplace doesn't just import your meeting rooms: we synchronize them

It means each time an event from the meeting room is added, modified or deleted: Comeen Workplace is notified by Google. The change is then recorded and the meeting rooms are always up to date to give you the best possible business experience. For exemple
; your colleague release his meeting room from a Google Chat app because he no longer needs it. You are able to book it right away.

And then, deploy the app on your teams in one click

You've installed and configured Comeen Workplace, it's time to start using it

Thanks to our integration with Google Workspace and Google Admin. As an administrator, you can in one click push an add-on on all your collaborators. By pushing Comeen Workplace, the add-on is directly available in the Google Calendar and Gmail of your collaborators.

To go even further with this Google Workspace integration, you can create your own reports.
Comeen already offers its own analytics directly in your administration dashboard on building occupancy and the number of people registered each day.

But if your company wants to go even further, we offer the solution.

Get useful data for your company

Create impactful reports to facilitate the daily life of the management team

You can create reports on your Workplace analytics.
Comeen provides you automatic scripts that you can link to Apps Script which generates a Google Sheets of your data. Then you can format it in Looker Studio if you like! The data is automatically updated.

Start create your Looker Studio (ex Google Data Studio) dashboards today

We currently offer scripts for 3 events:
• Events on a meeting room calendar have been updated
• A new presence has been added by a user
• A presence has been removed by a user

Discover our Looker Studio integration →

Available directly in the Google Workspace Marketplace, Comeen Workplace is installed by the company's IT department.
The add-on then appears automatically without any manual action from the employee in Calendar, Gmail and Google Chat. Easy to use, Comeen Workplace doesn't require any training. Adopt it in a few minutes.

We got rid of spreadsheets and focus on things that matter more. We continuously improve our workplaces with Comeen. Our Workplace Team manages easily space bookings based on internal events and our employees manage their desk bookings 🤝

Kasia Fraszczak
Workplace Analytics Manager @TIER Mobility
Included in Comeen Play

Comeen Play helps you improve your office experience by making your digital signage screens impactful. Fluidify your internal communication thanks to 20+ integrations ⚡️

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The most integrated

Broadcat any content from the Google Workspace Suite on your digital signage screens.
It's synchronized and updated automatically in Comeen Play.

The most secure

Log in to the platform with Google Single Sign-On (SSO).
Distribute content from your Google Drive without sharing documents publicly.

The most advanced

Our R&D team is working hard to ensure that Comeen Play evolves with Google Workspace. If new APIs are available, we react instantly to provide the most stable service.

Create with the tools you already know

Broadcast instantly on digital signage screens

Because you probably don't want to train your employees on a new tool, Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows you to create content from Google Slides, Docs or Sheets and display it on a digital signage screen.

An update of the file? No problem, it is automatically synchronized. The best way to distribute internal updates, team schedules, anniversaries and much more!

A Google Drive selector

Comeen Play allows you to pick your files from your Google Drive directly

It's the easiest way to select images, videos, Google Slides, and more from your Drive.
Connect your Google account and start your journey with Comeen Play. It's secure and easy to use.

Display factory

Decisions are made in real time

Comeen Play lets you broadcast your Looker Studio dashboards

Looker Studio (ex Google Data Studio) is the best way to create dashboards in real time. Creating dashboards is great, making them available on a display screen is even better. With Comeen Play, frontline workers have access to the information they need to work safely and efficiently.

Discover our Looker Studio integration →

Synchronize your data in Google Sheets

Design and broadcast your own data in Google Sheets with Comeen Play

Comeen Play allows you to synchronize raw data sources like CSV, ICS, or Google Sheets files. Select the Google Sheets you want to synchronize, rearrange, sort and filter your data. You can connect the data source to the template you want to use in our designer.
Create automatically synchronized team schedules, incident dashboards and more!

Content creation with Comeen Play →

Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Comeen Play leverages the hardware of digital signage players running ChromeOS, Google's operating system. Use Chromeboxes, to easily deploy our solution in a few clicks.

Directly from Comeen Play dashboard, you can manage network information, screen rotation, player restart and more for Chrome OS devices!

Chrome Enterprise Integration
Veolia logo

We were looking for a digital signage platform to communicate updates to employees across our offices. ChromeOS and Comeen Play were a natural choices. Our IT department has been able to easily deploy and remotely manage this integrated solution, and our corporate communication team has been able to display updates to employees on more than 550 screens worldwide.

Alan Riou
International Digital Communications Manager @Veolia

More Comeen's integrations

Discover all the possible integrations with Comeen Play and Comeen Workplace

Microsoft 365

Comeen Play and Comeen Workplace are 2 fully integrated products in the Microsoft 365 universe.

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Comeen Workplace provides a complete Slack application available in the Slack App Directory.

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Share your Facebook posts and company news on one or more of your screens with Comeen Play.

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Chrome Enterprise

Comeen Play is Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended. Understand what it means.

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With Comeen Play, easily display your LumApps news anywhere on multiple screens.

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Microsoft Teams

Comeen Workplace provides a complete Microsoft Teams application to deploy with your team.

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Improve your workplace with Comeen

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