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Welcome your visitors

The first impression is the most important!

Give a sleek welcome to your visitors and enhance a modern image of your company and your reception with Comeen

Greeting visitors and meeting up again

Seeing each other in person has never been more important than in the last few months. Coming back to the office is synonymous with getting together and having physical meetings becomes a real event!

Welcome back

Welcoming back visitors is something to anticipate so that the reception is smooth and all the rules are well respected.

Just like at home

Your visitors expect more than an impersonal, insecure, and unprofessional sign-in book! They must feel welcome.

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48% of US respondents had a bad experience in a corporate lobby

Study conducted by Proxyclick in the US and UK in 2021.

Why using a visitor management solution?

It manages the first impression for a potential customer, partner, visitor

The image of your company starts with your visitor management process

A good solution secures your data, saves you time and digitalizes your reception

You will probably say that it's very complicated to set up

Pre-register your visitors in a simple way

You don't have to worry about having to register your visitors on another dedicated solution.

At Comeen we like to use the tools you already know. Without leaving your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook you can register your visitors directly in them and welcome them easily.

More than a welcome

Personalize the welcome of your visitors and make them feel special.

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Peace of mind

Simply register your visitors and the rest is automated in Comeen.

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Follow the rules

Respect the capacity of your buildings and protect your employees.

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Nearly 100% say face-to-face communication is essential for long-term business relationships


Only 4% of employees report their company’s facility is fully touchless for them and visitors


Of risk management professionals says that physical security is now more important than before the pandemic

You will probably say that it's tedious

Write a powerful message with ease

You don't have to write your custom message by hand for each new visitor, or copy and paste instructions.

Comeen allows you to write a great email for your visitors automatically. Tell them what company, what time and what building they should visit. Click send and you're done!

85% of people are uncomfortable with the level of personal data they must provide during meetings

Study conducted by Proxyclick in the US and UK in 2021.

Offer a new experience to your visitors

You don't have to worry about the experience your visitors will have with Comeen!

You can have a reception with a person and a kiosk, or even just a kiosk: Comeen manages the pre-registration of your visitors and simplifies their arrival.

An intuitive and simple handling, an advanced integration to the Google Workspace environment, here is how to define the Comeen Workplace extension which is totally in line with the logic of a seamless user experience that we want to offer to our collaborators.

Mathieu Mistero
Application Manager DOSI - Employee and Customer Department @Boulanger

60% of meetings start late are due to long lines at the reception

Study conducted by Proxyclick in the US and UK in 2021.

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If you want to know more about the hybrid office, you can download our free ebook!

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