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Plan in office days

Empower employees to find the best days to come back to the office

Discover how Comeen can help your workplace become the most efficient and simple

Bring back your team together with an hybrid office

Going to the office is now synonymous to meet your team, have meetings, live an in-office experience. But how to make the most out of this new way of work?

Working together

Don't let these new changes block your team's productivity. Meet at the office during in-office days to work together. Hybrid office has never been so easy.

Optimizing space

Enforce the rules set up for everyone's safety, anticipate the capacity of the buildings and know where everyone is located.

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Is hybrid office popular?

Most companies are opting for a hybrid work model, with 1-2 or 3-4 days in the office becoming the standard.

Hybrid work is here to stay. People love the flexibility it affords and the comfortable work-life balance it implies.

However, people do miss meeting their colleagues face-to-face. They want solutions to come back together in person.

76% of respondents confirmed that their companies shifted to a hybrid working model

From a TraverlPerk study for Hybrid Work 2022

Plan to work as a team for your in office days

You don't have to worry about finding the right days to come to the office and get the best of your day.

Comeen helps you find out the weekly schedule of your colleagues, see which day they go to the office, and how many times you can go to the office to respect the rules of hybrid office.

Plan your week

Comeen offers a simple and easy-to-use hybrid office management tool. Plan in one click your venue to the office.

Weekly planning →
See who's coming

Get a quick idea of your week. You can see the schedule of your colleagues to reserve a place near them.

Understand your week →
Respect the hybrid rules

You get to know the maximum number of venues to your office per week in real time. Less hassle, more security!

Manage hybrid office →

Find the right place to work efficiently

You don't have to wonder where you'll sit, Comeen offers you an easy and on-demand desk booking.

Book your own workspace for the days you come into the office. Choose directly from the location of your teammates and add the equipment you need for the day.

We got rid of spreadsheets and focus on things that matter more. We continuously improve our workplaces with Comeen. Our Workplace Team manages easily space bookings based on internal events and our employees manage their desk bookings 🤝

Kasia Fraszczak
Workplace Analytics Manager @TIER Mobility

Only 11% of the companies will go back to the office full-time in the post-pandemic world


It's the pourcentage of companies that have turned to full-time remote work in the post-pandemic world


This is the majority of companies that will be doing hybrid office in this new post-pandemic era

Forward-thinking office as a safe and efficient office

You don't have to book every day one by one, Comeen offers you automation presence.

A tool that facilitates and simplifies your weekly planning. Choose your favorite days and location and your schedule will be automatically created for the next weeks.

Anticipate the needs

Be informed of the number of people who plan to come to the office each day. Choose your day and plan your week accordingly!

The building usage →
Empower your team

Let your team manage their own next week automatically. You will be able to see the schedule of your team!

Find my teammates →
Facilitate collaboration

Match the arrival of other members of your team automatically. You will never be alone when you come to the office!

Check-in at arrival →

90% of our users use Comeen every day to plan their in-office days

Studies conducted on 10 companies with more than 400 employees that have just installed Comeen Workplace.

Teams are aware and information is transmitted

You don't have to wonder what your colleague's status is anymore, Comeen simply displays it for you.

Display your work activity, at work, in remote or in OOO. Your team members can see your status directly and you can better work and communicate.

Is is really useful to have a good tool?

14% find a decrease in the quality of communication between teammates since the hybrid office

13% of interrogated people complain of having inadequate equipment at home and at work

10% of workers have also stated that they're not comfortable working from home.

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If you want to know more about the hybrid office, you can download our free ebook!

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