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Optimize your office space

Hybrid work needs more flexible buildings

Understand your new office use and estimate the number of spaces you will need

Before the pandemic, everyone came every day: it's different today

Before you could estimate the number of people coming to the office every day, since the hybrid office it has become complicated to have an accurate estimate of the number of people in the office.

But how do you know how many offices a company needs, how many meeting rooms, how many screens? How do you ensure that everyone has a place?


Of leaders worldwide says that they're considering redesigning the office space for hybrid work


With hybrid work, your company could result in 20% less demand for your office space


41% of respondents to a survey said they currently use only 75% of their office space since the pandemic

Hot desking

It means that you indicate your coming in company on a precise day, you can specify the space or the building but you do not have a place assigned precisely.

For example:
Charlotte is coming to the New York office on Thursday in the Marketing area 😎

You can sit wherever you want when you arrive, at the place that suits you best

You may not have all the elements you need for your project like equipment, screens..

Weekly planning →
Desk booking

Desk booking means that every time you want to come to your office, you have to book a specific space assigned to you and therefore a personal desk.

For example:
Benjamin comes on Monday to the Paris office, Building 1, Floor 3, on Desk 4B ⚡️

You can book a desk next to a teammates and specify the equipment you need

The constant booking can be logistically demanding and quite impersonal

Desk booking →

Companies save thousands of dollars a year in rent with hybrid office

Studies conducted on 10 companies with more than 400 employees that have just installed Comeen.

We got rid of spreadsheets and focus on things that matter more. We continuously improve our workplaces with Comeen. Our Workplace Team manages easily space bookings based on internal events and our employees manage their desk bookings 🤝

Kasia Fraszczak
Workplace Analytics Manager @TIER Mobility

What can you do to further optimize your space?

Your meeting rooms are a topic because they are increasingly used from the hybrid office, find out how Comeen helps you optimise their usage.

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