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Comeen Workplace selected for 2023 Recommended Google Workspace Apps ➡️

A great visitor management

Welcome your visitors with the best experience ever

Enhance a modern image, make your reception more fluid and increase the security of your building with Comeen Workplace

Visitor management with Comeen Workplace


In just a few clicks, invite your visitor from your calendar


Integrated in your usual tool, you can do it from everywhere at any time


Receive notifications about this meeting in your usual tool

Pre-register your visitors and streamline processes

Use your daily calendar to register your guests and your meeting

Create or click on the event of your meeting in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. Choose the building where you will welcome them, the entrance, and the visitors who will come on site that day. They will be invited.

Customize your visitor's arrival on site

Make your guest feel welcomed for a lasting memory with a good communication

If you decide to send them instructions, visitors will receive a welcome/instructions email. This email is fully customizable in your Comeen Workplace dashboard and can give useful informations (address, floor, entrance code).

Be ready to greet your visitors warmly

The host get notified when the guest is at the entrance of the building in a chat

Once your visitor has check-in, you will receive a chat on your usual tool and will be able to go and welcome them! You can also choose to receive an email.

Safety for all

With Comeen Workplace , the receptionist now has a Visitor Record book with phone number, name, email, who the host is etc.

See all the visitors informations

Be prepared to call anyone in the event of an incident

Improves building security

In case of an emergency, the receptionist team must know in real time how many people and visitors are in the building.

Stay in compliance

Keep your workplace safe

Contactless front desk check-in for your guests

Comeen Workplace offers a digital visitor kiosk for guests to check-in at arrival

Visitors will be able to enter their emails to validate their arrival, notify hosts and check security instructions. They can also print a badge (with a QR Code) to pass the security.

Checking out is as easy
as 1-2-3

The departure of your visitor is not to be neglected!

Just like on arrival, guests can check out at the digital visitor kiosk. Or scan their badges with the QR Code for more simplicity. You will have made a polished first impression!

An intuitive and simple handling, an advanced integration to the Google Workspace environment, here is how to define the Comeen Workplace extension which is totally in line with the logic of a seamless user experience that we want to offer to our collaborators.

Mathieu Mistero
Application Manager DOSI - Employee and Customer Department @Boulanger

Implement Comeen Workplace easily for your team and visitors

Comeen Workplace is available for Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook

With just a few clicks, you can create a Comeen Workplace account and deploy it to your team's calendar. Our add-on will then be directly available for your employees to pre-register their visitor.

Register an unexpected visitor from the dashboard

Don't worry about unannounced visitors with Comeen Workplace

Your company needs security and all visitors to be registered, but some arrive unannounced. Instead of giving them a piece of paper and having no record, register them directly from your Visitor Record Book from your Comeen Workplace dashboard.

Easily set up a welcome kiosk with Comeen Workplace

An interactive visitor management kiosk automatically setup and customizable

In order to welcome your visitors at best, set up your arrival kiosk. With an interactive tablet and a badge printer, your visitor has everything he needs to check in independently.

Set up a kiosk for iOS with Comeen Workplace →

Key features of Comeen Workplace's visitors management

Great welcome

Personalize the reception of your visitors with a digital kiosk


Give your visitors all the information they need to come

Badge printing

Automatically print badges with QR Code when visitors check-in


Automatically notify the host when their visitors arrive

Stay safe

All visitors will sign the security instructions to enter

Office analytics

Get all your office data about how your space is used

Digital register

Get a digital visitor register of all the in and out of your company

Data exports

Download a copy of your workplace usage and use it for your dashboards

Get a full tour of Comeen Workplace

Let your team plan in-office days, book a desk, check-in meeting room or welcome a visitors.

Discover what our workplace management platform can offers you 🤝

Book a desk to come to the office

The best hot desk booking experience for Google Workspace. Book a desk easily in your flex office space. Check-in, access building plan from our Google Calendar/Gmail add-on.

Desk booking →
Collaborate with your team

Book meeting rooms with specific criteria. Receive Google Chat app notifications before meetings begin to free or confirm booking. Check-in easily from our add-on.

Meeting room management →
Say hello to your visitors

Send instructions and registration form to visitors that will come to your office. Deploy our kiosk app on any hardware to let them check-in when they arrive.

Visitor management →
Understand your space

Get all your workplace analytics in one place. Access to your teams data in Comeen Workplace, create great dashboard in Google Data Studio and use them to improve your workplace.

Workplace analytics →
Welcome your visitors

Give a sleek welcome to your visitors and enhance a modern image of your company and your reception with Comeen 👋

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Imerys facilitates global internal communication across 5 countries

Discover how Imerys stay consistent across 20+ languages and 16k employees

Nubank manage the hybrid schedule of 8200 employees in LATAM

Discover how Nubank uses Comeen Workplace to manage attendance and modernize the banking industry

TIER manages the hybrid office for 1400 employees

Discover how TIER implement the hybrid office to empower employees to declare attendance

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